Powered by the People is a new website that aims to help those looking for movers find the cheapest and best rated moving company in their region

“Powered by The People”

Powered by the People is a website that provides a ranked list of contractors or companies in a designated area in order to help people make the best choice with their important projects like plumbing or AC repair.  The list is based off of reviews of actual people that have been collected across the net to provide a matrixes and more accurate view of a company.  Recently, the website added “moving companies” to its search categories just in time for summer.  

The Internet creates so many options with each search result that it is oftentimes difficult to make an accurate decision.  When it comes to something like moving, it’s already a time consuming process, so to add on additional hurdles becomes onerous.  The goals for any major purchase, much less moving, are to find the best company for the dollar and to make the process as painless as possible. By eliminating much of the guesswork it is easier to do just that.  Powered by the People wants to make it easy for you to find a great moving company by uncovering the best reviewed movers in your region and then sourcing them in one spot, ranked according to reviews.

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“The idea behind Powered by the People has always been to allow people to call the shots, not marketing gimmicks,” the CEO explains. “The best local movers may not have the best marketing team or the best ads, but they do good work.  When you allow people to decide what’s best you get an honest and usually effective choice.”

The shape of the market is in favor of franchises and that means that good contractors who are hard-working professionals that do not have national name recognition often lose in the marketing game.  It is true of the Internet, as well as, television because large firms can employ teams of SEO experts to make their business get ranked first, but that doesn’t actually mean they provide value or quality at a higher level. Local moving companies who may not be Internet experts can lose out, not because they are not good at what they do, but because they’re not good at what others do.   

Powered by the People Movers gives everyone the same opportunity to be seen and viewed and it is the people’s opinion, not SEO manipulation or paid ads that tell the real story.  If two companies have the same review, it becomes a random algorithm as to whose name appears at the top.  This means that there is no cherry picking of favorites, no one dominating search results with SEO stuffing, just ordinary people reviewing ordinary companies and then putting those results in the public’s hands and allowing them to decide. 

“We believe in small businesses and we believe in people.” “Our website is about people sharing reviews, sharing their stories, and empowering others to make a non-manipulated choice.” 

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Powered by the People lets users select their city and their category and then explore results. 

For more information on the company or to look for local movers in your area, visit: http://www.poweredbythepeople.com/categories/moving.php or call (866) 748-7875.

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