Heart Surgery Results in Ecstatic Life for Would-Be Poet

Ecstatic Poet, Paul Goldman’s journey has been to peel away the layers of self that masked the true vision which has always been right before his eyes, nothing less than the Very Beloved, the one he invokes to make sense of this mortal existence. Stripped of artifice and distractions, Paul has opened further to seeing himself and the Beloved as One.

Secure in this foundation, the veil thinned further, the walls of separation crumbled to dust and everyone was revealed to be breathing in the sweetness of being  Goldman has now released his second book in the series, Upon Your Canvas, the eagerly anticipated follow up to Journey Into Oneness, is his latest collection, encompassing fifty new ecstatic poems, gifted from the Very Beloved, along with eight visionary collaborative paintings by intuitive artist Natosha Keefer. 

The natural progression of his enlightenment was magnificently magnified by an all-too-real “heart opening” — open heart surgery.  This naturally resulted in an increasing urgency to convey through his poetry the messages of hope, of peace, of solace and of our own awakening inherent in these perceived poems. Paul invites his readers to let these sacred words ease into the marrow of their being so that they, too, may find the connection Divine to their own unique Source.                                                                     

Who is this Ecstatic Poet?  Whatever other titles Paul has been known by, whether as a Oneness Blessing Giver, ManKind Project New Warrior, Masters Level Psychologist or even ‘one temporarily lost in a corporate cubicle’, Paul’s passion has always remained the pursuit of awakening fully — to the bliss of breath inherent in each molecular moment and to simply be at ease with what is…

“Paul’s poetry magnifies beautifully the essence of all we are as a human species,” says Donna Reese, Artist Author of An Extraordinary Trilogy Light Meditation, writes about Upon Your Canvas. 

Goldman will officially kick off his book tour with a book launch on May 14, 2015.

Visit his page at EcstaticPoetBooks.homestead.com

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