What Is One Of The Biggest Challenges Kids Face Today? BULLYING, and New Bestseller Provides The Solution!

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA – June 1, 2015 – Everyone deserves to live in an environment that is free of fear and menace. In the new Bestseller, Bullying: The Solution That Works for Parents and Teachers, Jill Kelly provides the formula to empower the significant adults in young people’s lives to assist them in coming through a bad experience, or not having bad experiences at all.

Bullying is consistently one of the biggest conversation topics of the 21st century. However, the conversation has barely shifted. Schools are employing thousands of strategies and, yet, the problem exists more loudly and more strongly than ever.

Jill Kelly told the press, “It is possible to promote the strength in young people to stand up for themselves and others, to break free from a ‘bystander’ mentality and become ‘upstanders’.”

The reader will gain an understanding of bullying and achievable changes that we can apply to attitudes and behavior. Only when we encourage people to take genuine responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions can we live in a healthy, safe environment.

Jill Kelly, an Anti-Bullying specialist is one of the brightest minds in training, coaching and consulting on the topic of BULLYING today. Drawing from her 30 years as an expert in education, Jill designs and facilitates highly successful groups with the focus on connectedness, self-respect and self-awareness. Her expansive formula for success includes life-transforming skills, development programs and professional coaching and mentoring for young people, teachers and parents.

Bullying: The Solution That Works for Parents and Teachers is available on Amazon.com

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