New Mini-Mole Robotic Floor Duster on Kickstarter

Danvers, MA – On May 21 2015, Phil Caruso launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mini-Mole, a robotic floor duster that automatically cleans dust and debris that accumulates under sofas, TV stands, dressers, beds, and other furniture!

“Mini-Mole uses its built-in micro-controller, custom navigation software, numerous sensors, and independently powered wheels with rugged silicone tires to roam around and clean your floor—seeking out furniture with low clearance where dust loves to hide,” the creator explains, “While Mini-Mole is working, you’re free to do something that you enjoy. Mini-Mole will automatically power down when it has finished cleaning, so you can even leave the house without having to worry about turning it off or monitoring its progress.”

The idea for Mini-Mole came when Caruso noticed the amount of dust that was collecting under his furniture. After searching for an automated cleaning solution, he discovered that those currently on the market couldn’t clean under furniture with a ground clearance under three inches. At only one inch in height, Mini-Mole is ideal for cleaning hard to reach places. Mini-Mole is also very easy to use; all you have to do is attach a cleaning pad, press “Power” and watch it go! 

Caruso has partnered with US based manufacturing company Northeastern Assembly, Inc. to bring the Mini-Mole Robotic Floor Duster to market. With their creativity and expertise in developing consumer products, Northeastern Assembly will help to optimize the design of the Mini-Mole and provide you with the best automatic floor cleaner ever.

“Mini-Mole is already well past the proof-of-concept phase; it can be readily built, it performs admirably, it is easy to use, it is durable, and it provides a much-needed service. Funding is already intact for DFM (design for manufacturability), package design, mold and die making, tooling, and test builds,” says Caruso, “Now, I need the help of the Kickstarter community to complete the initial production run. Your support of Mini-Mole will keep things moving forward—into the future that so many of us have imagined.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a Mini-Mole keychain and LED flashlight for $15, one early-bird Mini-Mole for $75 (or the regular Kickstarter price of $90), two Mini-Moles for $180, and more! 

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Mini-Mole LLC
Contact Person: Phil Caruso, Founder and CEO
Phone: (978) 853-3846
Country: United States