New “PDF to Flipbook” by PUB HTML5 Makes A Strong Impact on Digital Publishing

“PUB HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform”
Gathered data reveals that the average of reading time is increasing. PUB HTML5 has changed the game of digital publishing by adding new and free features to create customer’s oriented digital publications.

PDF to flipbook tool by PUB HTML5 has been upgraded and now people enjoy a better reading experience. That is according to statistics received at the PUB HTLM5’ s account center which indicates the solution has achieved a positive impact on the digital publishing world.

Based on these gathered data, items such as “Reads”, “Likes” and “Average Reading Time” are obviously increasing. “Our team is glade to receive users’ feedback that our latest PDF to flipbook solution makes a positive impact on their digital publishing. The statistics that we have gathered tells us that Readers are now enjoying a better experience,” said Jason Chen, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of PUB HTML5.

The upgraded PDF to flipbook solution offers an attractive and dynamic background, allowing the users to create a distinctive, interactive and oriented customer to digital publications and catalogs with PDF files. The software includes designing tools and functionalities like responsive HTML5, delivered to almost any device in the market and full custom interface that allows multimedia, animation and embedded, among others.

“We offer an engaging and rich media experience, providing the users of a whole package of features that allows them to make a unique, intuitive and high quality publication to boost their sales and gives its own identity to the products or services they are presenting. Through this tool, our users can also offer their business all over the world and at the same time increase their brand reputation,” added Chen.

PUB HTML5 is an “all-in-one” digital publishing solution which is currently leading the world digital publishing platforms. Up to now they host more than 1.5 million of publications on their site and counts with more than 60.000 enterprises as clients, from agencies to authorities.

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Starting in 2009, the PUB HTML5 software has been offering “free and easy-to-use” tools to fill up all the needs in Digital Publishing. The software ranges from PDF to html5 flipbook converter to DIGITAL PUBLISHING SOLUTIONS and much more. The utilities provide the users with the solutions for PC, MAC, iPAD, iPhone Digital Publishing and some others, all through a user-friendly interface, easy to install and secures to use it.

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