Mutiny Of Colours is a feature-length documentary film about Street Art & Graffiti in Islamic Republic of IRAN

Mutiny Of Colours, the documentary film has four episodes showing the lives and art of five Iranian street artists.

The video shooting had begun in 2012 and is still continuing. Filmmakers have spent a lot of time with the artists so they’ll be able to show all the aspects of what these artists have gone through (and continue to do so) because of painting their art across the walls of Iran.

Also the directors have talked with Police officers and Government officials in front of the camera, to better understand what Street Art is truly about. Of course the Artists have been interviewed too, and there’s evidence that the Government sees Street art as Satanic and Slogan-writing against the nation, so the penalty would usually be imprisonment for the artists.

According to all the issues Iranian street artists are facing, most of them decide to immigrate and leave their family and homeland forever because the government leaves them with no other choice.

“The main reason we’re making this documentary is that we still hope someday the government and people will know the truth behind Street Art. It’s all about Peace, love & freedom of expression. Period!” says Zeinab & Paliz, the Directors of the film.

The process of making this Independent film stopped because of financial issues. Directors of the film have claimed they are going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign on June 28th 2015, so lots of people could participate in the project.

Till now many great artists have Supported this Project as Blu, C215, Faith47, AK47, Escif, LNY, Mark Jenkins, Isaac Cordal, Specter, Fra-Biancoshock, CONART

Also, on Picnic Magazine we see that Mutiny Of Colours was mentioned as one of “The 5 Essential Documentaries To Understand Street Art“.

Short BIO of the Directors:

Zainab Tabrizy, graduated Bachelor of Arts degree from Art University of Tehran in Cinema course. Her film activity began in 2005.


° In 2009, Directed “Eight Minutes More”.

° In 2010, Directed “Street Sultans” collaborating with Paliz Khoshdel.

° Since 2012, Directing “Mutiny of Colours” collaborating with Paliz Khoshdel.

Paliz Khoshdel, Started his Art activities since 2004.


° In 2009, Directed “Ancient Heritage”.

° In 2010, Directed “Street Sultans” collaborating with Zeinab Tabrizy.

° In 2014, Produced and Edited “On Underground” Directed by Mahan Khomamipor.

° Since 2012, Directing “Mutiny of Colours” collaborating with Zeinab Tabrizy.

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