HUBI STICK can convert any TV into a “big TABLET” with $22

The size of a memory stick, this new device is an Android game console, a portable TV and a mini-computer.

Just 1 by 3 inches, it looks like an ordinary memory stick but this revolutionary new device, called HUBI STICK, is much more. It enables you to use all the tablet resources on TV with the virtual touch screen and variety of sensors!

The HUBI STICK, developed by Simon Wang and his team of Melbourne, Australia, is an Android game console, a portable TV and a mini-computer. It can be used to play games, watch TV and movies, listen to music, browse websites, access cloud services, shop online, pay bills, write documents, edit photos and more.

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“With our mobile control technologies, you are able to directly use all the mobile resources on TV,” explains Wang. “You can play all the Android games on TV using your mobile phone or tablet as the controller.”

To set up the HUBI STICK, all you need to do is plug it into a TV set, a computer monitor or a projector and turn on the TV. It can be used for work, games, browsing the Internet, sending e-mails and downloading Android apps.

This new technology is named MTSD (Mobile Touch Sensor Desktop) and it lets an ordinary TV set have the touch screen and the variety of mobile sensors!  HUBI STICK’s software development is complete. This includes the customized Android OS, the Desktop, the two control apps in Android and iOS versions. The two Android Apps had been published and the two iOS Apps are in the process of being published.

Wang needs about $50,000 in additional funding to complete the project. This money will go toward perfecting the hardware, buying it in quantity and implementing a marketing plan.

In order to generate this capital, Wang has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

The Kickstarter page includes a video demonstration of the HUBI STICK and all its applications.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a contribution of $22 US, the backers will receive a Quad Core HUBI TV STICK. A pledge of $30 US is good for a powerful HUBI GAME STICK.

“The amount of functionality, the small size and the low cost are going to make this a hot item in short order,” Wang says. “Early adopters are being given the opportunity to get significant discounts before HUBI STICK hits the open market.”

For additional information, visit; the HUBI STICK website,; or the HUBI STICK Facebook page,

Wang can be reached directly at

HUBI STICK – Turn Your TV Into Big “Tablet”

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