New ‘sneaky flask’ is a liquor container that looks like a deodorant can

The Bev-Can Body Spray Secret Flask holds 7-8 ounces of liquid, enabling the user to sneak alcohol into concerts, ballgames, restaurants, bars and anywhere else.

Scott Przirembel of Hong Kong has spent the past six years developing and marketing “sneaky flasks,” containers that hold alcoholic beverages incognito. His products include hollowed-out hairbrushes, cameras and binoculars.

These items enable the user to sneak alcohol into concerts, ballgames, restaurants, bars and anywhere else he or she desires. The development of new “sneaky flasks” is always ongoing.

Przirembel’s latest product is the Bev-Can Body Spray Secret Flask, a container that looks just like a can of deodorant. Made of food-grade aluminum and plastic, it will hold 7-8 ounces (205-235 ml) of liquid and measures 5½ inches high by 2¼ inches in diameter. The Bev-Can retails for $24.99 plus $5 shipping.

“We will use a thermal cylindrical printer to put the images on the can,” explains Przirembel. “It’s the same process used on actual cans of deodorant, ensuring that the flask will look completely realistic.

“Besides being the first secret flask of its kind, we’ve taken the Bev-Can a step further. Every production run will have a different look. The design and color scheme will change, much the way you have different brands of deodorant in retail stores.”

This latest “sneaky flask,” claims Przirembel, will probably pay for itself in the first night of use. Przirembel, “I am doing this project through Kickstarter to keep the price for everyone as low as possible.”

Due to the nature of the design and a larger-than-usual minimum order required to ensure high quality and low prices, $20,000 is needed in up-front capital to fund the first round of production. In order to generate this funding, Przirembel has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

The Kickstarter page includes a video of the Bev-Can in action.

An “early bird” special is available through Kickstarter. For $16, backers will receive a Bev-Can Body Spray Secret Flask with free shipping to anywhere in the world. That’s a savings of nearly 50 percent. A $300 pledge is good for a special first-production unit of flask, numbered and signed by the creator. Free worldwide shipping is included.

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“We are ready to start the tooling process as soon as we are fully funded,” says Przirembel. “We have an agreement with the same manufacturer we have used to produce our last six sneaky flasks as well as other products. Delivery is scheduled for early September, with the product run starting 45 days prior to that.”

For additional information, visit, the official website at or contact Przirembel directly at

The Bev-Can Body Spray Secret Flask

Different designs, brands & colors of the the ‘Bev-Can Body Spray Secret Flask’ will be available.

The Bev-Can Body Spray Secret Flask

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