McCollum looking to produce indie film series about real-life heroes

Videos would focus on people who provide inspiration and make better lives for others.

These days Sandra McCollum isn’t finding many television shows that inspire her – and she wants to change this trend.

“It’s totally depressing,” says McCollum.  “You turn on the news, and it’s all about the most recent murders, political scandals, high-stakes divorces and skyrocketing unemployment rates.  The TV shows aren’t much better. They’re primarily about crime or dysfunctional families and the top-grossing movies are based on comic book heroes or fantasy characters. 

“Whatever happened to real-life heroes, the people who inspire us to do better and make a better life for ourselves and others?”

McCollum would like to provide something different. She doesn’t have the resources or connections to produce a major motion picture or a network television show, but a small independent film series would be a step in the right direction. McCollum would like to begin work on quarterly half-hour video series that would be available on YouTube and Vimeo.

“These films would be about about everyday people who inspire us through their lives, beliefs and actions,” she says. “Now, more than ever, we need to hear about the people who are having a positive influence on our lives. 

“I’m not talking about famous people – they get enough coverage in People Magazine and on Entertainment Tonight – but the everyday people who are quietly going about their business, influencing others by their beliefs, actions and lives.”

Producing films, even short ones, is an expensive proposition. McCollum estimates her annual budget for four films (including start-up costs for the first year) will be $350,000. This would cover professional script writers, cameramen, technicians, editing, equipment and music as well as a small allotment for marketing.

In order to generate this capital, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

McCollum is convinced that many people all over the country feel the same way she does and will support this project. Donations of any amount are welcome.

For a $25 contribution, backers can submit information about inspirational people they feel should be included in the series. $1,000 contributors will help select the four persons about which the first year’s films will be made. Other smaller pledges are rewarded with coffee mugs, baseball caps, t-shirts or polo shirts inscribed with the “People Who Inspire Us” saying. Other larger pledges receive DVDs of the films, autographed pictures of the film subjects or credit in the films as a backer.

“The videos can’t just be about interesting people,” notes McCollum. “There has to be a worthwhile story or lesson to be learned behind each one in order to make the series really stand out and be successful.”

For additional information about the project, visit To learn more about McCollum, see her LinkedIn page,

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