Horse ranch offering children’s services may be forced to close

Michigan stable provides affordable riding lessons and free clinics but, with the owners moving out of town, it may be shuttered soon.

David Bookie has been involved with a Sterling, Mich., horse ranch for the past 10 years. He has seen it grow into a vibrant part of the community, offering affordable riding lessons for children and free weekend clinics. Families who own horses can also board them at the ranch.

With the owners moving to Arizona, the ranch is in danger of closing and Bookie is trying his best to save it. He not only wants to keep the ranch going but has plans to expand the services so even more local children can benefit.

“I have seen a lot of kids improve their self esteem as a result of working with horses,” says Bookie. “They learn important things about taking care of the horse and learn to become more responsible. It really gives them a sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence.

“It would be a shame to take this away from the kids in this area. We’ve put together a plan that will enable the ranch to continue operations.”

The new plan includes a therapeutic component. A local physical therapist, certified in riding therapy, has joined the project team. The ranch team also intends to reach out to local schools and organizations, offering weekend retreats and free riding for children, and expanding its overall scope of services.

“We really feel it’s important to the community to keep this ranch alive,” Bookie says.

Funding is a major issue. Purchasing the land, hiring staff and buying equipment all needs to come out of a start-up budget. The total cost is estimated to be $150,000.

In order to generate this funding, Bookie has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

The hope is that people around the country who love horses and want to help sponsor children’s programs will provide financial support. “Even a small donation helps a lot,” says Bookie.

For a $25 contribution, backers will receive a $25 gift card, good for any service provided by the ranch. A $100 pledge is good for a $50 gift card and a “Save the Ranch” T-shirt.

“I strongly believe in this project,” Bookie says. “That’s why I’ve invested a lot of time and my own money. We have assembled a great team and we all love horses and children. With enough outside support, we’ll be able to keep it going.”

For additional information, visit or the “Save the Ranch” Facebook page,

Bookie can be reached directly at

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Kids learning to ride.

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