TVC Mall Introduces its Bluetooth Car Kits to Global Customers

As shown in many news programs, distracted drivers kill many people and leave a lot of people injured every day. As a fact, the main culprit of distracted driving is people who can’t resist the lure of their phones. Today, TVC Mall introduces its Bluetooth Car Kits to the global customers. The business’ spokesman hopes they can do something positive for the people worldwide.

Distracted driving is so dangerous that many local governments have adopted laws against using a cell phone without a hands-free device while driving. However, for some people who spend a significant amount of time both on the road and on the phone for their job, ignoring their phone while driving is impractical.

The spokesman says, “We don’t want to persuade people to turn off their phones while driving. I think our new collection will show our best products and designs at affordable prices for the global customers. If you want Bluetooth in your car but don’t want to spend the money and/or time to install a new head unit, please visit our website and you have a great option now.”

He adds, “The optimal location for a Bluetooth hands-free car kit is your car’s sun visor because it puts the speakers and microphone close to your head. We have a full range of Bluetooth products in stock, and you can find the most reliable solution which will generate the best overall sound and call quality.”

In order to show sincererity to the global customers, TVC Mall offers customers discounted shipping for its products, as well as unmatched customer services.

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Launched in 2008, TVC Mall has a sensitive marketing sense and it has established strong relationships with many original manufacturers of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iWatch, etc.). Some Apple accessories used to have been sold at before their official launch. The business used to be widely reported by some top media (like,,, etc.). 

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