Palomar Water Expands Its Water Delivery Services To The Entirety Of San Diego County

Palomar Water has expanded its inventory of water delivery trucks to allow them to deliver to the entire San Diego County, making the freshest water available to all residences and businesses.

Water is one of the most fundamental elements required for life, and access to water is considered a human right. However, inevitably, water sources for cities include a majority of re-processed, filtered and recycled water that lacks the freshness of spring water, and can often include sterilizing chemicals that are not good for the human body. Palomar Water has been offering people a better alternative with their spring water delivery services. They have proved so popular that they have expanded their fleet of vehicles to give them county wide distribution.

The company, which offers Water Delivery in San Diego, had already diversified their services from homes and businesses to include restaurants and even watering special events and pop-ups. 

The expansion involves new, higher capacity and fuel efficient water trucks that can deliver further without polluting its environment. These new trucks also increase the inventory to ensure they can deliver to a greater number of different places at the same time, allowing them to keep pace with increasing demand throughout the county.

A spokesperson for Palomar Water explained, “Palomar Water is excited to announce county wide distribution, enabling more people than ever to access the clearest and finest water in all of San Diego. The expansion of our fleet of vehicles is just the beginning, as we also hope to be able to offer services further afield to ensure that people have the freshest, cleanest water coming out of their taps. We have always been about value-added service, and the full variety of our water services is now available county wide, including our custom-printed branded bottles, emergency water supplies for disaster areas and more.”

About Palomar Water:

Palomar Mountain Spring Water is the one-stop-shop for local spring water. They manage the process of hauling, bottling and delivering water themselves to provide a full service to their customers. They collect water straight from the spring and transport it directly to their bottling facility in state certified water trucks, before delivering them to businesses and residences throughout San Diego County.

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