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Edible coffee invited you to enjoy a whole new coffee experience. Yes, we’ve invented coffee you can eat!

The Edible Coffee Treat, made with premium coffee. Your on-the-go coffee snack.

MIAMI, FL – June 3rd, 2013 – Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa, LLC, is a local (Miami, FL) chocolate and coffee specialist, which has been awarded the 2013 Most Innovative Product in the Non-Chocolate category, at the 2013 conference. This will be the 4th award received for their delicious, innovative product Coffee Thins™. The company specializes in their Cruz brand chocolates as well as private label production. They are most recognized for their unique patented coffee bar, Coffee Thins™. 

“Tierra Nueva’s team was very delighted with the news,” President John Alexander said, “To win the NCA’s Most Innovative Award is the icing to our cake. It is incredible, especially since it was voted on by some of the industries leading figures from some of the biggest companies in the industry.” 

The initial tasting panel that voted for Tierra Nueva to be a nominee included a panel of buyers from top retail chains, food industry icons and trend experts. Some of the industry representatives from the nation’s leading retail and wholesale companies included: BP/ARCO Ampm, Dollar General, Eby-Brown Company, Garvey Candy & Nut, It’Sugar!, Meijer, Saatchi & Saatchi X, Sam’s Club, The NPD Group, Walgreens, Wal-Mart. Criteria included Quality presentation/packaging, Taste, Innovation, go-to-market potential and value of product. Once the product was nominated, the attendees at the show were the ones to vote for the winner of each category. Tierra Nueva took the prize for Most Innovative in the Non-Chocolate category.

Since launching in 2010, Tierra Nueva has made excellent strides in establishing themselves in the United States marketplace. It has done so by utilizing a new Globally Patented manufacturing technology platform. While Tierra Nueva has faced the usual challenges of new-comers to the market, it has been successful in finding a niche with its fresh, flexible, and forward thinking approach to doing business. This vision allowed them to create its new hot item Coffee Thins™ .The product has been well received by both those in the confectionary industry as well as in the coffee industry, bringing both the buyers and experts to think about the need of creating a new product category in the market place: The Edible Coffee Treat. Tierra Nueva’s concept of merging two categories (confection and coffee) has given the market coffee in the form of a candy bar. Coffee Thins™ is a bar made with 100% of the coffee bean providing an exceptional whole bean flavor. These sweet squares have the same creamy bite and snap as a chocolate bar, but with zero cocoa liquor (Cocoa Mass). Edible coffee is for the “whenever and wherever” coffee moments when you do not have the time or proper equipment to enjoy a cup of coffee. Forward thinking products like these are the ones that Tierra Nueva believes will separate it from other companies in this extremely competitive market. 

NCA: Founded in 1884 in Chicago by representatives of 69 confectionery-manufacturing firms, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) is one of the oldest, most respected trade associations in the world.

Over the years, the association has endeavored to provide the kind of vigorous leadership necessary for its members, which include domestic and international confectionery manufacturers and suppliers to the industry to meet the increasingly complex challenges and problems that have confronted the industry.

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