Callaghan’s 200g Chocolate has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

Callaghan’s chocolate is manufactured in UK, guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and to be enjoyed by customers globally.

Callaghan’s chocolate is a classic British brand manufactured in UK to be enjoyed by customers globally.

Britain is renowned for making some of the world’s best chocolate.

We welcome distributors globally and promise 100% customer satisfaction of our chocolate brand.

UK based Callaghan’s West Country Dairy releases chocolate in the U.S. 

British confectionery brand, Callaghan’s West Country Dairy is set to take the US and Global confectionery markets by storm — addressing the demand for more high quality British chocolate to be made available, particularly in the U.S. and for global markets.

The superior taste born from the high standards of British chocolate has resulted in an increase in U.S. sales over the last few years, thanks in part to the minimum requirement of 20% cocoa solids in British milk chocolate, as opposed to the 10% in the U.S. This rich cocoa flavour, coupled with the locally sourced creamy milk used in Callaghan’s chocolate offers the luxurious taste that’s in such demand with U.S. customers.

Managing Director of the Callaghan’s brand, Mark Callaghan said: “The Callaghan’s brand is perfectly positioned for stores wishing to stock a high quality, British brand of milk and dark chocolate.”

This British brand of milk and dark chocolate has an exquisite moreish taste which will keep customers coming back for more.”

With Hershey’s recent victory in court preventing U.S. based companies from importing Cadbury, Mars and Nestle confectionery from the UK, there’s a significant shortfall of British chocolate in the US, leaving a huge gap in the market that Callaghan’s confectionery brand can fill with confidence.

Callaghan’s chocolate is a joint venture between Kayoworld and British Corner Shop. 

British Corner Shop, established in 1999, is a leading British Food exporter, championing British Food all over the world, exporting to over 138 Countries in the last 12 months!

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