Here’s how a British woman is making children smile by donating a simple bed time story book!

How much we loved a bedtime story as a kid, to read & to learn, to imagine all the characters as real, befriending them& feeling like being a part of that story. Unfortunately, not every kid gets to experience it. Like the underprivileged children from low income communities of Rio de Janeiro, having a flawed education system &expensivequality story & picture books.

But, Rhiannon, a British woman living in Rio de Janeiro for past six years, wants to bring this experience in their lives by donating her book, “Seb the Snowman”, to these kids thus,enabling them to enjoy the magic of reading & make this bedtime story a part of their childhood.

The book is a cheery Christmas tale of friendship & teamwork. Reportedly, Rhiannon wrote this story as a part of a social event in a crèche for underprivileged, malnourished & neglected kids. The way students felt connected to the story after the story telling session & their wish to take the book home with them made her to come up with the idea of printing the book & donating it to the kids.

As stated, her aim is to visit six orphanages, crèches & NGO in low income communities in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro &donating books to 400 young children from neglected & troubled background. The donation will be accompanied by an interactive story telling session for the kids. Further, she also wants to donate black & white coloring book version & crayons for children to enjoy & feel the happiness.

A local Brazilian artist will illustrate the book & provide outlines of characters & scenes for the coloring book & she’ll print it through a self publishing platform. It’ll require funds & thus she has started a crowdfunding campaign to be able to successfully fulfill the aim. She’ll also be selling them online & all profit from them will be used to purchase & donate more books throughout the year.

You can also be a part of this noble cause by contributing in her campaign. For more information & to contribute, visit:

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