Cherif and Said Kouachi’s Righteous Convictions for Curbing Blasphemy Applauded Publicly by Former Pakistani Chief Justice and Other Leaders

Blasphemy is internationally defined as ‘any expression by word, sign, or gesture’, that is insulting to the religion. It impairs man’s reverence for religion which includes blasphemes libels, pictures, caricatures, which convey a blasphemous meaning.

Most of the religions prescribe a criminal charged with blasphemy to be killed. Muslim creed-scripts also prescribe the same measure of punishment, and by the artifacts of definition, in principle agree with the definition given by union of international connotation-inferences.

The repetitive recurrences of venomously immoral blasphemies by Jyllands-Posten, Charlie Hebdo, AFDI and certain other quarters, which they used to carry out in a cyclical way, repeatedly and continually since 2006, has induced an intense distress and irritation the whole Muslim world. In order to demonstrate deep concerns on the issue, as well as to analyze the nefarious designs behind, an assemblage of cross-disciplinary and cross-boundary academicians, has made considerations in order to reach certain conclusions, regarding the issue. 

A thematic panel discussion was held at Higher Education Commission Pakistan, to elucidate the academic position of the issue. Presided by Justice (R) Mian Nazir Akhtar the HEC anti-blasphemy session at was conducted by Lt. Col. (R) Azhar Saleem. Academics from SAARC Academia, along with missionary school leaders and law practitioners from Lahore High-court expressed their deep concerns on the intensifying situation. Prof. Qadhi A. Z. Al-Hafi presented a plan of action to address the perplexing circumstances. Professor Emeritus Dr. Zaki Ahmad made strong recommendations in the inter-contextual relatedness of human values and blasphemous profanities. 

In addition to the contemplative ponderings, Cherif and Said Kouachi have been declared ‘Martyrdoms’ and ‘Ghazis’, on the account that they gunned down the Hebdo cursers for the reason of the repeated and cyclical blasphemous acts, that French publisher, Charlie Hebdo used to carry out repetitively since 2006.

In his presidential address Justice (R) Mian Nazir Akhtar quoted Khawaja Muhammad Sharif’s statement for the brothers, who sacrificed their lives.

Former chief justice of Pakistan’s Lahore High Court, Khawaja Muhammad Sharif has formally declared Cherif and Said Kouachi ‘protagonist-heroes’ in an official statement, that was recorded during a hearing session of Sulman Taseer’s murder case at high court.

Cherif and Said Kouachi have been declared ‘Martyrdoms’, on the account that they gunned down the Hebdo cursers for the reason of the repeated and cyclical blasphemous acts, that French publisher, Charlie Hebdo used to carry out repetitively since 2006.

The two assassin brothers, who eventually turned to be murdered by the French authorities and police consequently, have been declared as ‘leading-role heroes’ and ‘Protagonist Martyrdoms’, by numerous leaders of political parties, seminaries and councils of legislatures.

SAARC Anti-blasphemy commission has made extensive academic meetings on the subject, nationwide and across the region. Amongst the prominent ones are anti-blasphemy thematic and strategic-assemblies at SAARC Post-doc Center Colombo, Riphah International University Pakistan, University of Matra Sri Lanka, Punjab University Lahore, Mansoorah and HEC.    

During the anti-blasphemy APC at Mansoorah, ex-president and Pakistan’s former highest judiciary-official of Supreme Court (SC), Justice(R) Muhammad Rafiq Tararr, was also strappingly of the view that blasphemous acts are ‘grave violence by any means, at all vantages and from all perspectives. He cited at Lahore Anti-blasphemy APC, the famous poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal’s standpoint in Ghazi Ilm-Din case, who murdered Rajpal, a blasphemer. Ghazi Ilm-Din was consequently sentenced for death by the courts under British rule at that time.

Maulana Sami-ul Haq also holds firm stance that the two brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi embraced martyrdom to curb blasphemy.

Prof. Mufti Munib also endorsed what was stated by Sami-ul Haq and other scholars. Numerous  others also cited famous philosopher Allama Iqbal’s firm and staunch perspective-position on the subject at APC.

In-absentia funeral services were initially paid in Peshawar, Istanbul, Kabul and then subsequently in Hyderabad Deccan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia declaring Kouachi brothers martyrdoms. French authorities forbade the family members to hold their funeral in Paris. However, the ‘prevented funeral’ began to be commenced at other parts of the world. Initiated by Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi and Allama Pir Muhammad Chishti, the memorials to honor them have been performed in almost 12 countries, to date.

Pakistani minorities’ leader J. Salik made high condemnations on the blasphemous acts of Charlie Hebdo and categorically cited for the sentiments of Vatican’s Pope Francis, concerning the sensitivity of the subject-matter. Vatican Pope’s statement noticeably and evidently provides the baseline position and very clearly states for what constitutes the conceivable ‘base-line’, concerning the subject under consideration.

The HEC thematic session was attended by representatives of civil society including Qadhi Muzaffar Iqbal, Maj(R) Jalil, Muhammad Afzal Zikriya, Mufti Muhammad Khan, Maulana Khurshid Kasuri and Lt. Col. Rizwan.

About the SAARC Anti-blasphemy Commission:

SAARC Anti-blasphemy Commission has been formed for serious considerations regarding the repetitively cyclical blasphemous acts by certain notorious quarters like Jyllands-Posten, Charlie Hebdo, AFDI, Pamela Geller etc.

Headed by Dr. Faisar N.M. from Sri Lanka and Dr. Bareera N.B. from Pakistan, the commission currently consists of academicians from diverse disciplines and different creeds, mainly from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Lt. Col.(R) Azhar Saleem is serving as the chief coordinator.

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