The “Lifeboat” Mobile Battery Pack Offers Emergency Charge for Mobile Phones and Additional Security for Users

It is almost inevitable that when you most need to use your phone, it is drained of power. While many devices have been created to help provide additional power, none offer the ease of use, smart design, and additional safety features of the Lifeboat Mobile Battery Pack. The Lifeboat Mobile Battery Pack is a palm-sized device that attaches to any phone—including iPhones, Windows and Android phones—and has an integrated GPS panic button for emergencies.

The elegant design of the Lifeboat Mobile Battery Pack provides reliable service and optimal functionality. The Lifeboat attaches to any phone using a patented clasp and remains securely fixed via an anti-skid surface pad. A panic button is positioned at the top corner allowing a user to immediately send out a signal to one of five emergency contacts in case of trouble.

This handy device offers up to 850 mAH of battery power to rapidly charge your phone. Using the handy app, you can even set the Lifeboat to automatically charge your phone, when phone battery charge reaches a pre-set threshold. The Lifeboat Mobile Battery Pack also comes in purple, red, yellow, blue or black.

Once the Lifeboat Mobile Battery Pack is on the market, almost every phone user will want one for peace of mind. Before that can occur, however, the designers will need your financial support. To put the Lifeboat Mobile Battery Pack into mass production, the design team will need $30,000 to procure components, design an efficient PCB, complete app design and testing, engineer assembly line, assure product quality and create sales support. To raise these funds, the Lifeboat team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. If you support this campaign, you may be eligible for perks like a Lifeboat Mobile Battery Pack, laser engraving, or Lifeboat EZ version.

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