Leading Company in Natural Health Introduces a New System to Reverse Diabetes

eGlobal Natural Health Combine Neurabic and Melabic Supplements in the New Total Diabetic System

In a bid to fight against the rising number of people worldwide being diagnosed with diabetes, eGlobal Natural Health, a giant in the natural health industry, is introducing a new innovative program called the Total Diabetic System. The system aims not just to prevent the onset of diabetes, but also reverse the effects on people who already diagnosed with the disease. 

The program will use two of the company’s most successful supplements Melabic and Neurabic in a combined system that promises to stabilize sugar levels, and alleviate the pain that is associated with diabetic neuropathy.

One of Total Diabetic System’s aims is to prevent the onset of diabetes, and Melabic is a supplement that can help prediabetic people to avoid slipping into a full-blown diabetic state. It is an all-natural product that is designed to stabilize sugar levels, and taken at a prediabetic stage, Melabic can reduce the chances of advancing diabetes drastically.

People already diagnosed with diabetes can also take Melabic to help lessen their dependence on insulin. The supplement is made up of these 9 natural ingredients:

• Gymnema Sylvestre: decreases the body’s ability to absorb glucose and increases insulin production in the pancreas. 
• Banaba: proven to lower blood pressure and actively assists weight loss 
• Cinnamon: which helps lower cholesterol levels
• Alpha Lipoic Acid: helps the body to take in and transform sugars
• Fenugreek: helps the body deal with insulin more effectively
• Bitter Melon: reduces high glucose levels and strengthens the immune system
• Chromium: boosts energy levels
• Biotin: manages metabolism
• Zinc: maintains insulin producing cells

Melabic is one of the most proven supplements for diabetes on the natural medicine market and most people have reported a drop in insulin usage, and a significant drop in sugar numbers, since starting the program.

Peggy, whose husband recently started using the supplement stated “My husband Howard has been taking Melabic for 26 days and has been able to reduce his insulin usage by 40%. His blood sugar numbers have reduced by 30%. He has lost 5 pounds too!”

The Total Diabetic System uses Melabic in conjunction with Neurabic, another all natural supplement that targets the symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy. 90% of diabetic patients suffer from severe pain and tingling sensations in their extremities, mainly in their hands and feet. These pains are debilitating for the patient and can lead to a lack of sleep and exercise, which only aggravates the diabetes disease itself. Neurabic targets high blood sugar levels, and has a range of ingredients intended to combat nutrient deficiencies and damaged nerves.

Neurabic is made up of the following 12 ingredients:

• Benfothiamine: A trademark version of Vitamin B1, it help to mend damaged blood vessels
• Riboflavin: Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue
• Rutin: Supports the pancreas
• Vitamin B6: Assists in mental processes such as thinking, Improves mental well being
• Vitamin B12: Essential for healthy nerve cells
• Pantothenic Acid: Regulates metabolism
• Acetyl-l-carnatine: Helps to alleviate pain from nerve endings
• Choline: Promotes production of  Acetycholine, which assists transfers between neurons
• Inositol: Affects the pancreas, influencing blood sugar levels
• Niacin: boosts insulin activity

Users of Neurabic have reported that the supplement is fast acting, diminishing the pain associated with neuropathy and making their lives more comfortable.

After starting to use the supplement, Diana from Toronto said, “I am 63 years old and recently retired. I could hardly walk because my feet hurt so bad. I would lie awake at night, not able to sleep. I started taking Neurabic and within 2 weeks I could tell the difference. I have been taking it for a couple of months now, and believe me it works.”

The system offers both of these products at a special rate if purchased together, and they come with 6 diabetes based books, to the value of 300$, that will help customers manage their diabetes in a successful way. They also have a 90-day risk free trial, and products can be returned for a full refund, minus shipping and handling fees.

In combining these two specialist supplements in the Total Diabetic System, eGlobal Natural Health believe that they have found the best plan to naturally prevent, reverse and relieve the symptoms of diabetes.

eGlobal Natural Health, founded in 2007, is a health and wellness business, aimed at assisting people with type 2 diabetes through high quality, natural supplements. Their mission is to give diabetes patients the ability to live a rich and active life, unhindered by the problems associated with diabetes.

For more information on eGlobal Natural Health, please call 1-887-572-8975, or go to their website www.totaldiabeticsystem.com

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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