Extreme Pride apparel is clothing that is personal and relevant

New clothing line is “apparel with a purpose,” focusing on youth education, women’s empowerment and veteran support.

We all wear some sort of casual clothing at times. The basic requirements are that it’s comfortable and looks good.

Anisa Thomas of O’Fallon, Ill., wants to take things one step further. “I’m part of a family and veteran-owned business called Extreme Pride,” she says. “We believe that clothing should reflect who we are, what we feel and the pride that strengthens us as we face our everyday challenges.”

The Extreme Pride (EP) line proudly champions youth education, women’s empowerment, and the reduction of homeless and unemployed veterans. To facilitate this, EP established a not-for-profit (Wingman Global) to raise funds for these causes. “Extreme Pride is apparel with a purpose and will undoubtedly bring pride and a sense of purpose to anyone who wears it,” says Thomas.

The EP collection includes four distinct brands: American Guardian, Lady Wingman, A7V Ascension and the flagship brand, Extreme Pride. Infused with energy and innovation, in addition to awesome and inspirational apparel, Extreme Pride introduces several new concepts/products including Youth Challenge/Appreciation Coins, the 6-Pack personal transport bag for the iPhone 6, and the BWC-FMD (Because We Care-Family and Military Deployer kit.

Under the A7V line, there are T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hoodies and long-sleeve casual wear inscribed with empowering slogans like “Trust In Yourself, Believe In Yourself and You Can Achieve for Yourself” and “Limits are for people with: limited vision, limited skills and unlimited excuses. Don’t limit yourself!”

American Guardian apparel expresses the pride we all have in those who have served in the armed forces. “These people are thepride of our nation,” Thomassays. “We should be honoring them not just on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but every day because they have honored us with their service and their lives.”

“Lady Wingman honors all the special ladies in our lives, be it our mother, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, daughter or sister,” Thomas explains. “These are the women who raised us, nurtured us, schooled us, protected us and loved us. No matter who you are, or what your situation may have been,they always had our backs. Before there was the word ‘wingman,’ they were always there watching our six!”

At the present time, Extreme Pride is in the design phase and needs some start-up capital to begin production. The estimate is $20,000.

In order to generate this funding, Thomas has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at www.kickstarter.com/projects/2000261517/extreme-pride-apparel-with-a-purpose

The Kickstarter page includes dozens of color photos of Extreme Pride apparel.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $25 contribution, backers will receive an Extreme Pride T-shirt and their names will be listed as a Founder on the Extreme Pride website (www.extremepride.us).

An $85 pledge is good for a casual canvas 6-Pack Mobile Device Transport Bag for the iPhone 6 or the canvas MDTB for iPhone 5s/5c plus two Extreme Pride T-shirts.

“So what makes Extreme Pride different from any other clothing brand? We feel the names of the brands themselves and the concepts behind them set up apart from anyone else. We chose the names of our brands to personify our everyday lives, challenges, objectives or achievements,” Thomas says. “In that regard we are the same as everyone else, and not an expensive, impersonal designer label. Without a doubt, Extreme Pride a world-class line of clothing that is personal and relevant to everyone.”

For additional information, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/2000261517/extreme-pride-apparel-with-a-purpose or the Extreme Pride website, www.extremepride.us

Questions can be directed to Extreme Pride co-owner Don Hammond at don.hammond@extremepride.us

EP Signature Tees

American Guardian Unisex Hooded Shirt

American Guardian Kids’ BWC-FMD (Because We Care-Family & Military Deployer) Kit

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