Umami Burger Santa Monica: Frustrated Customers Speak Out

SANTA MONICA, CA – June 4, 2015 – Umami Burger is undeniable one of the most prominent fast food chains with an amazing selection of delicious burgers with exceptional customer service – with the exception of the Umami Santa Monica chain, as was described by the experience of two digital marketing professionals.

The two marketers have frequently dined at Umami Burger across their multiple locations and have visited the Umami Santa Monica chain several times.

“During our previous visit, we arrived 15 minutes prior to closing and a waiter said ‘Give us 3 minutes and we will seat you.’ After we have waited 3 minutes, a blond waitress greeted us with ‘The kitchen is closing but you can get this to go or else…’ and walked off on us before completing her sentence,” said one of the frustrated customers.

“Upon today’s visit, we were passed around 3 times until the 4th person we spoke to wrote our name down and said it would be 15 minutes. We came back exactly 10 minutes later and the waitress had crossed out name out and seemed frustrated that we checked in with her. The actual meal [with the] truffle burger was delicious — absolutely incredible. However, when our check came, we wanted to separate the check in accordance with what we ordered. The waiter, David, said he can’t do that and we must give him a number to charge on each card so my friend asked if he can come back while we calculated it. David ignored my friends request. My friend had to calculate the two sums on the spot but that was not the most frustrating thing.”

One of the marketers asked the waiter why they could not calculate it on their end.

“We are servers and not accountants,” said David, server at Umami Burger Santa Monica, in a reportedly condescending tone.

“With this ridiculously poor customer service experience, I refused to leave a tip — for the first time in my entire life. I normally tip pretty generously and any of my friends can vouche for that,” said one of the marketers.

Both marketing professionals have stated that they will not let this poor customer service experience ruin their Umami Burger experience and “will just have to take our business to a different Umami chain”. “We are in no way bashing Umami Burger. We both LOVE – please capitalize that – Umami Burger and want to encourage people to try them out, just not the Santa Monica chain until they revamp their employees, as it reflects poorly on Umami brand.”

One of the marketers created an email account that forwards to his office email, in the event that Umami corporate or media outlets would like to contact the marketers for feedback or interview to improve the Umami experience.

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