New CO2 Bait Invention by Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC Kills 100% of Bugs

Most bed bug control methods suffer endless cycles of killing, feeding, and laying eggs. An invention converts entire bed into a trap with sleeper as inaccessible CO2 bait. Bed bugs crawl every night for food. The last bug must starve quickly. 

People feel very difficult to deal with bed bugs. This is no longer right. A method suggested by Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC stops the bites immediately at night no matter how many bed bugs are at home. The confidence is as sure as sleeping in a bathtub every night because the bed sized trap functions better than the bathtub. 

The trap is made from five fabric sheets (one top sheet and four side sheets). It covers both mattress and box spring. The perimeter at bottom has a sticky boundary. Sleepers can’t accidentally touch the boundary due to a special design. Bed sheet, blanket, and pillows can be heated in a laundry dryer. The sleeping area will be bed bugs free no matter where bed bugs hide.

Since this invention, the famous IPM (Integrated Pest Management) has been obsolete. IPM agrees that traditional methods have low efficiency, but it recommends combinations of these poor methods to kill bed bugs faster than they lay eggs. Most bed bug feeding chances are at night. Bed sized bed bug trap alone eliminates this chance for sure. It is also easy to stop bites at daytime because people can use the same protective efforts as what exterminators apply. People can easily stop bites 24 hours a day after the invention of bed sized bed bug trap. 

Bed bugs may live one year at dormant in a refrigerator, but those beside a bed sized trap can’t live long at room temperature. Bed bugs must crawl every night after they detect CO2 from a sleeper at the trap center. The crawling for food in futile will consume energy, and the last one must starve quickly. People can confirm the truth by catching the bugs into a glass jar without a cap and leaving the jar in a bedroom. 

As a conclusion, well-known bed bug control methods are obsolete. People can stop bite immediately after one-time easy job. It is not important how many bed bugs are caught today or when the last bug starves due to no more bite with little effort. 

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