PUB HTML5\’s Newest Flip Book Maker Brings New Vitality To Product Catalog

“HTML5 Product Catalog”
Digital product catalog can be customized to be more engaging by embedding with gorgeous page flipping and animation effects.

Since ebooks and online magazines are virtual in nature and do not have the qualities of physical books and magazines, the importance of a flip book making software cannot be overemphasized. In this day and age of constantly changing buyer preferences, virtual enhancements as made possible by flip book making software is indeed a welcome development.

However, a lot of flip book creators in the market do not meet up to standard. It is to address the shortcomings in existing flip book creators that PUB HTML5 has released its newest Flip Book Maker software. What makes this software unique and superior to other software in the market?

Well, the Flip Book Maker software has stunning features and can be used to create high quality and exciting product catalogs. Additionally, the software creates top quality flash and HTML5 based magazines and books. More importantly, it supports PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice conversions and so on.

Aside from being of top quality, the software is easy to use by everyone. In other words, it does not require the understanding of complex codes or procedure before it can be used. To make it even easier, a help file comes included with the software.

It is also affordable by everyone. An expensive flip book creator will not be within the reach of everyone. So, the cheaper it is, the more easily affordable it will be by a lot of persons. This is where the PUB HTML5’s Flip Book Maker beats the rest. It is not only affordable, it is of top quality.

Additionally, the Flip Book Maker software is fast in operation, requiring just three simple steps to complete the whole process. Hence, using the Flip Book Maker, not only saves time, but saves money too.

This is another major accomplishment by PUB HTML5, a company that is already the favorite publishing platform for many publishers worldwide.

All in all, the flip book maker can bring consumer a brand new experience and open new market for business to thrive. The release of the new software by PUB HTML5 is expected to triple customer patronage within the next few months.

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