Fyoosion’s Direct Marketing Automation Platform Aims to Dramatically Change the Way Marketers Formulate Campaigns

Fyoosion, the newest direct marketing automation platform delivers sophisticated technologies for enhanced lead nurturing and impressive conversion.

Fyoosion, the direct marketing automation platform launched by experts with unequaled experience and exposure to marketing and IT, promises to free marketers from IT dependence by empowering them with cutting edge marketing tools and technologies. Fyoosion is just the kind of dream marketing automation platform that marketers always wanted. It is high-tech, yet so simple that even non-technical marketers can use the features like a pro within no time.

“The innovative technology that we offer arms marketers with the tools to launch independent and successful marketing campaigns,” says founder and CEO of Fyoosion, Abhishek Jain. “We are offering marketers the next generation of marketing automation platform which they can use to generate leads, improve conversion empower and foster stronger relationships within social channels. With our innovative marketing platform marketers won’t have to resort to guesswork while planning marketing campaigns.”

Fyoosion is unique because it is built for marketers by those who have extensive experience in both marketing and IT. The core objective of this direct marketing automation platform is to build web channels that can be integrated with technologies that can maximize and optimize conversion. Fyoosion also provides marketers with real-time analytics. They can use the feature to identify which channels of their campaign are contributing the best to improved conversion.

Fyoosion is a customer acquisition and retention platform that’s designed to do all the heavy lifting in the marketing process so that marketers can have it easy. It is designed to put marketers in control of their business and helps speed up the time taken to convert prospects to customers. The innovative business tools that Fyoosion offers is aimed at helping marketers create powerful marketing strategies and put them to work.

The direct marketing automation platform aims to put an end to the conventional idea of a marketing setup that marketers have been accustomed to. Until now channels, consultants and IT professionals always had a bigger say in making marketing decisions while marketers were forced to simply comply and fall in line. With Fyoosion, the spotlight is completely on the marketers as they call the shots and have the final word. Marketers can execute agile and nimble marketing strategies using Fyoosion’s advanced marketing automation engine that can boost bottom lines significantly.

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