USAF Vet Aaron Ralph Thomas Helps Biz Owners Realize Their Own American Dream

Former USAF SSgt faithfully served his country for 10 years. Now his serves business owners by helping them to grow their business through the power of marketing.

Philadelphia native Aaron Ralph Thomas is just like any other American – he works hard, pays his taxes and has a very specific idea of what it means to achieve “The American Dream.” For Thomas, his American Dream involved starting his own business after his tenure in the United States Air Force ended with an Honorable Discharge while Thomas held the the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Thomas candidly admits that he probably shouldn’t have started a business because, at the time, he didn’t exactly know how to grow his business.

His startup business, a grocery shopping and delivery service, closed four years later due to a lack of sales.

But Thomas regrouped and started a video production company called Your World Productions.

It was through his discovery of the power of marketing that Your World Productions began to see great levels of success, virtually overnight. Thomas began to see marketing itself less as a tool and more of a resource that was inherently malleable. “Different types of businesses need to be marketed in different ways, but the same foundational techniques will achieve incredible results across the board if used properly,” says Thomas.

Now, Aaron Ralph Thomas seeks to help business owners of all types realize their own American Dream through the power of marketing.

When asked about marketing in general and why he has chosen to focus his own business in that increasingly important direction, Thomas said “I began to see how marketing could really impact people’s businesses in a great way. So that’s when I began to want to do more seminars and help more entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by being better positioned.”

Mr. Thomas is speaking of a series of seminars that he holds in Philadelphia area to instruct business owners of the techniques that they can use to reach their attract their best clients. More specifically, the seminars are designed to help people stand out from a crowd, attract clients and prospects who want what they have, and most importantly,

Mark Arnold, the president of On the Mark Strategies, echoed the sentiment made by Thomas. “Your credit union brand should stand for something, otherwise it stands for nothing. Look at your core values and your core brand. If your messaging that is causing controversy rings true to your brand and core values, then stick by it.”

“I love that what I’m doing for my clients has very quick results,” said Thomas. He went on to talk about several clients that have had tremendous exposure within the first sixty days of working with him.

In 2014 Thomas launched Your World Marketing Group to help entrepreneurs and professionals to position themselves in the media as experts in their industries.

More than that, Aaron Ralph Thomas is also very dedicated to the idea of helping fellow business owners in any way that he can. “And I really do enjoy helping to empower people to do those things and to make a difference in their businesses.”

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