Business Storyteller and Strategist, Gideon For-mukwai, Reaches Best Seller Status

Gideon For-mukwai, business storyteller and founder of Business Storytelling Academy, recently reached the Amazon best seller list in three different categories with his latest book, The Science of Story Selling: How to Win the Hearts & Minds of Your Prospects for Profit and Purpose.

Chapel Hill, NC – Needham Business Consulting congratulates Gideon For-mukwai, best-selling author of The Science of Story Selling, which recently achieved Best Seller status in three categories on Amazon. The booked reached #1 in the Public Speaking category, as well as #1 in the Communication category on Kindle. It also hit the Hot New Release list in three categories, including Running Meetings and Presentations.

For-mukwai, a business storytelling facilitator and strategist, believes that small business owners deserve to know how to link their back-story with their mission-story as a way of connecting with their ideal customers on a deeper level.

As an award winning speaker, For-mukwai was adept at the art of story. As he faced the challenge of continuing to grow his successful business, he discovered a research paper that referenced recent neuroscience discoveries relating to the power of story in business development and influence. The paper revealed the scientific dimension to story, and that piqued his curiosity.

For-mukwai then began the tireless quest to learn more about the science that underlies storytelling, and how it can be used in the business context. That quest became his mission and that mission matured into his latest book. The Science of Story Selling teaches business owners, speakers, presenters, and educators how to use stories as a vehicle for generating interest, buzz, and fascination for their brand, product, or topic.

In addition to researching and applying the findings to his training and coaching work, For-mukwai also discovered that highly proficient storytellers have a unique mastery of triggering the neurons and hormones in the body, thanks to their masterful choice of stories, words, imagery, and metaphors. Because effective stories are capable of changing our body chemistry, using these methods enables the storyteller to better engage, connect, and persuade their audiences, as well as heightening the likability and credibility of the storyteller.

By combining a better understanding of both the art and the science of storytelling, a business owner can create greater audience engagement and connection. The result is a deeper connection with prospects, customers, and referral partners. For a business presenter, speaker, or educator, greater likability, credibility, and trust is developed via a message that is both remarkable and memorable.

The Science of Story Selling addresses common questions that business owners, teachers, coaches, managers, and leaders ask about selecting, crafting and telling compelling stories to win the hearts and minds of their audiences. The book takes the confusion out of the process of telling a mesmerizing and moving story with practical tools and tips for crafting engaging stories and how to pitch ideas or products using compelling stories are included in the book.

For-mukwai’s book, The Science of Story Selling: How to Win the Hearts & Minds of Your Prospect for Profit and Purpose is available on in both Kindle and paper versions.

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