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USA – 04 June, 2015 – Legal Dictionary is giving you the opportunity of browsing legal terms by various filters and understanding them. The creators of the website said “trying to understand every legal document or studying legal concepts can be daunting for many and Legal Dictionary was created so anyone can quickly understand all legal terms in simple English.” True to their claims the Legal Dictionary website has become widely popular which helps anyone easily understand Legal English, also known as Legalese.

“Legal English has been known as the domain of attorneys and legal professionals in all English speaking countries, not only the United States of America but also African countries like Kenya and South Africa.” The Legal Dictionary website seeks to help out people confused by legal terms and concepts.

The Legal Dictionary team explained the differences between simple English and legal English. They stated “One of the key factors differentiating Legal English and normal English is the use of multiple words to create a single legal term and the usage of unfamiliar words like lessor and lessee.”

The team also cleared a doubt regard the use of simple English in legal documents. A team member said “a legal document that is written in simple language is fully acceptable in a court of law and the only reason legal English is used is to prevent any kind of misuse of words to twist the meaning of a statement. When preparing legal documents make sure you use language that is extremely simple but leaves no room for wrong interpretation.”

Legal terms that are very simple are also included, be it “affidavit” which is present at, where people will not only get its usage but also related terms and the kind of legal cases where the legal term is used.

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Legal Dictionary makes sure nothing is left out to create a proper understanding for all. The terms have also been categorized by the team for easy navigation. For example, Civil Law can be accessed at has its own page for all Civil law terminologies. Similarly Criminal Law and Business Law have their own subcategories.

If people want a detailed understanding of the bifurcation Legal Dictionary does to simplify things they can visit and have a look.

Upon opening any legal term in the website users are taught the literal meaning of the term along with the origins. All the lawsuits that are related to the term and their processes are explained in the respective pages. The team has added a set of related legal terms for a better understanding as well.

They have taken numerous steps to ensure the authenticity of the information and have a Terms of Service page informing people to abide by all the provisions of the terms of service agreement. The team has made it clear to all users that “the content and material in the website is to be used for non-commercial purposes only and are not obligated to review every single item or post.” They recommend seeking professional legal counsel and use the website only to clear any kind of legal doubts when viewing legal documents or creating them. They want everyone to know that the tool is a guideline and not a tool of law.

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