JupiterGem introduces online website for wholesalers and retailers

04 June, 2015 – Wilshire, Los Angeles – JupiterGem, located at the heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry District has remained an industry leader in the gems business with exceptional products since the past four decades. JupiterGem http://jupitergem.com launched their online store in January 2014 to cater to both retailers and wholesalers and has cemented its places as a trusted jewelry company. Most of the sapphire gemstones JupiterGem is famous for are sourced from Sri Lanka which is a country in Asia famous for gemstones of extremely high value.

The team says “Since the launch of our website http://jupitergem.com it has become very easy for everyone to purchase our magnificent items online.” They have a huge catalogue of gems with a large network to source gems as rare as the Padparadscha sapphire http://jupitergem.com/gemstones/padparadscha-sapphire and the highly coveted Natural Blue Sapphire http://jupitergem.com/gemstones/natural-blue-sapphire which has an iconic status in religion and royalty alike.

The team claims they have contacts with the best wholesalers in the world and they efficiently use their networks to provide gems like the aforementioned Natural Blue Sapphire http://jupitergem.com/gemstones/natural-blue-sapphire at prices of $10,000 and above which is significantly cheaper than brick and mortar stores. The team attributed their competitive pricing to a complete online business model which removed the need for setting up a brick and mortar store, saving on high security costs and maintenance.

JupiterGem is taking lots of effort to make their presence felt with trade shows set up throughout the world like the Beijing Jewelry Expo in China to the GJX Gem Show in Tuscon, Arizona. When asked by people what makes JupiterGem stand out the team explained “We are offering our clients the services of a leader in products, quality, services and integrity. We never compromise on any of these things and always put the customer up front.” They said if a person wants to purchase a Padparadscha sapphire http://jupitergem.com/gemstones/padparadscha-sapphire, which is one of their top movers they can check the GRS and GIA certification online and safely make a purchase. If any defects are present they can safely request a refund and their claims will be dealt with after proper verification.

All gems sold in the JupiterGem online store are certified and all certifications that JupiterGem holds can be viewed online on their website at any point of time. They believe in complete transparency and all product listings have detailed cut, clarity and measurements displayed on their respective pages. All kinds of treatments a gemstone goes through are mentioned as well, something all jewelers don’t inform.

The JupiterGem team said emotionally “Our founders Stefan and Violet taught us honesty, trust and responsibility and that guides us in running the company. Their portraits hang in our office and we are proud to continue their legacy all these years.” The star attractions of JupiterGem are the bi-color sapphires from the legendary mines of Ratnapur in Sri Lanka which is a name that resounds through all sapphire dealers in the world and the mines are known for best in class sapphires.

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