Literary Devices is providing the opportunity of defining all literary terms under one roof

04 June, 2015 – USA – Literary Devices is a widely popular website which was built for defining all devices of literature under one roof. Since their inception the website has been amassing huge amounts of social media coverage and has already become a strong community with over a thousand followers on Facebook contributing to the community every day. The website has been built for book lovers and literature students alike, and anyone who appreciates literature is welcome to be a part of their community.

The site owner explained what Literary Devices is as “structures through which writers convey their messages in a simple manner to readers.” If they are used properly, these literary devices help readers fully appreciate and interpret the literary work. The website lists all of these literary devices in an alphabetical list with detailed definition, uses and examples for each one of them. The website is constantly updated and anyone can have a look at the entire listing or contribute by visiting

Unlike most other websites which explain either “Literary Elements” or “Literary Techniques”, this website explains both and compares them. So any literary structure people see on the website is explained both in the artistic point of view as well as the simple explanatory point of view. The team explained “literary devices are a collection of universal artistic structures and the writers give their meanings themselves. This is where Literary Devices as a community wants to help out the members and explain everything intricately – the theme, alliteration, allegory, personification and more.”

The Literary Devices team has been working for months to get the site up and they have successfully created a community where all people need to do is visit the home page at and click the ‘Need Help? Just Ask’ button which will take you to the community where you can reach out to all the users of the website who will help you in understanding the terms. The team explained that this feature is only open to members to avoid any kind of spam and keep the website clean. All anyone has to do to become a member is sign in to the page with a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ id. They have added a dedicated page for browsing questions as well to avoid duplicate questions.

To make things simple for end users, the team explained two literary devices – Drama and Aphorism Both terms were explained by the team with references from the website. The website has clearly explained both of these literary terms in great detail and has common examples and their uses in literature. The team said “We like to hear what you want to see in our website” and has requested everyone to suggest topics that may be missing so the team can add them as soon as possible. The website has taken off very successfully and the website expects to grow manifold in a very short period of time.

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