Internationally Acclaimed Thea Jewelry Launches New Line of Personalized Jewelry “Thea Rainbow”

Since its inception in 2011, Thea Jewelry has been equated with chic taste and peerless quality. Worn by some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities like Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Julianna Rancic, Thea Jewelry employed white and black diamonds to adorn gold designs dictated by the owner as the signature concept of its initial jewelry line. To help broaden its appeal, Thea Jewelry is now offering a new line of Thea Rainbow that allows owners to choose a word, name, symbol or date that the artisan crafters can fashion in silver or rose gilded silver with a choice of eleven colored stones.

Founded by Emilie Duchene, Thea Jewelry was created to commemorate the birth of her daughter. The timeless concept of creating jewelry from a heartfelt theme has not only made Emilie and her jewelry company international stars, but has helped countless people forever retain a precious memory, relationship or emotion. This latest line of jewelry will have the same unforgettable charm and emotional resonance but be considerably more affordable. The adept designers at Thea will handcraft a glorious piece of jewelry using a special line of colored gems selected by celebrated gemologist Chloe Sarasola. These lustrous stones were chosen not only for their visual appeal but also for their powerful energy, and socially conscious production methodology.

The new Thea Rainbow line of custom jewelry is currently available at a steep discount for Kickstarter campaign supporters. Backers will not only have the opportunity to obtain stunning Thea jewelry but also play an important role in launching this historic new line of beautiful accessories including packaging, imagery and prototypes. Backers may obtain studs, ear jackets, rings, ear cuffs, bracelets, or necklaces wrought in silver or rose gilded silver and fashioned with a uniquely chosen word or theme.

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Company Name: Thea Rainbow
Contact Person: Emilie Duchene
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