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04 June, 2015 – San Diego, California – Best Web Firms was founded as a benchmark to compare web design companies and rank them to help users connect with the best web design firms. Their website is highly responsive and throws up detailed information about the top web design companies in the market.

The Best Web Firms team explained the ranking is completely free from any influence and is independently done by collecting information on customer satisfaction, originality, turnaround time, business process and the knowledge of the web design firm. All companies that are listed have been thoroughly audited by the team and evaluated on the aforementioned parameters.

The team consists of members from around the world who have experience in online branding as well as web design and development. They have knowledge about PHP, Query, CSS, HTML and more. A team member said “50 million users accumulated by the internet in just 5 years compared to the TV taking 13 years to do the same. The web is the best place to brand your company and finding the right web design company is the first step to do that. We are here to help with that.”

The team said any company that maintains high levels of transparency is bound to be rated well. They have a complete directory of all the web design companies by state for an unranked view of all the firms in case people want to find firms in their state. The ranked lists are divided into 5 categories – Overall Best Web Design, Responsive Web Design, Custom Web Design, Ecommerce and SEO Web Design. Following the link leads to the list of the 10 best web design companies in the US ranked as per their quality of service, transparency, integrity and communication scores accumulated from their customers. The page at details all the advantages of the companies alongside the names of major clients so users can have a first-hand idea of the kind of quality they can expect if they employ the services of these companies.

The team said “We are committed to helping business leaders like you and we will help you in finding the best web design firms on our website.” Best Web Firms also ranks SEO based web service websites in their page for SEO website users. The team explained the need of a SEO based ranking stating “SEO web design is a special breed of design and unlike normal web designing it incorporates art along with knowledge to get more traffic out of a website. SEO seeks to understand the attention that must be given to traffic generation and not restrict site owners to traffic conversion.”

If people want to have a look at the best SEO web design companies they can visit for a detailed ranking in the Best Web Firms page.

The website is expecting to expand over the next few years and have a complete directory of all web design firms in the US.

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