“Just Killing” is a Genre-Redefining Horror Film from Pinnacle Pictures Studio

Just Killing” is a dark comedy slasher film that tells the story of several college students who hire a clown as a practical joke for their friend’s birthday. Little do they know that the night’s entertainment is a serial killing clown, who’s responsible for a recent killing on their campus, and once they make a joke out of his performance, things take a deadly turn. Soon, the night of a birthday celebration and a cat fight, turns into a night of bloodshed, twisted jokes and a fight for survival.

Britton Lee Hein, Brandon Huguley and Shalaan Powell are proud to announce that they are producing a new horror film, Just Killing, that will re-invigorate the horror movie industry with innovative storytelling, mind bending special effects and unforgettable characters destined for memorialization in the pantheon of horror movies. This exciting new film is a new chapter in the killer clown sub-genre which has been largely ignored in recent years. 

Just Killing combines the writing and directing talents of Shalaan Powell and Brandon Huguley. The film will serve as the first feature film appearance for all cast members. A passion project for the production team, Just Killing has already lined up a production deal with Pinnacle Pictures and has just completed the screenplay treatment. Actual filming should begin shortly after funding has been obtained and will involve renting High Definition cameras, finding locations, preparing actors and editing. While producing a film of the Just Killing’s caliber is not cheap, the actors and production staff are committed making as many sacrifices as necessary to bring this outstanding project to fruition.

In order to make this film the success it promises to be, the producers are seeking the support of the public. Their fundraising campaign on Indiegogo allows film lovers and budding movie producers to help support this important project with donations of any size. In return for this financial support, contributors may receive rewards like signed DVD’s, movie posters, tickets to the premiere and associate produce credits. Supporters of Just Killing are also encouraged to help spread the word about the movie on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about Just Killing or to make a pledge, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/just-killing-new-killer-clown-horror-movie

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