Dr. Wright Shares Crowdfunding Secrets at the 6th Annual Billionaire Mastermind Forum Summit

“”Crowdfunding is a $9 Billion dollar industry this year, how much of that did YOU get?” – Dr. Letitia Wright, America’s Crowdfunding Strategist.”
The Billionaire Mastermind Forum Summit is June 11-15 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta, GA – June 5, 2015 — Raising money for a business or charity has always been tough for entrepreneurs. Dr. Wright will share the secrets to getting in on the $9 Billion dollar industry called Crowdfunding. “Because there are 5 types, there can be a lot of confusion around how it works and which type of crowdfunding the experts are even talking about,” says Dr. Letitia Wright, America’s Crowdfunding Strategist. “I love sharing with business owners how to make it work for them.”

Crowdfunding is on the raise. People are not only raising money for their personal projects, they are also raising money for starting or expanding a business. They are using crowdfunding to invest in real estate. There are over 600 crowdfunding websites a person could use to start raising money. Dr. Wright gives some suggestions on which ones might work for a business owner. “There are so many more than just Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. When you understand the choices available, you can do what is best for your projects,” says Dr. Wright. Dr. Wright has helped people raise money for all kinds of projects and teaches business owners how to get started with crowdfunding.

The Billionaire Mastermind Forum Summit is June 11-15 in Atlanta, Georgia. The event also features Dr. Dennis Kimbro is the author of the best selling book Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, What Makes the Great Great and many other books. Kimbro studied the methodology of Napoleon Hill, author of the phenomenal international 1930s best seller Think and Grow Rich. Inspired, Dr. Kimbro decided to do what Hill had done. He developed a survey to use among peak performing Black Americans. Two years later, he learned from the Napoleon Hill Foundation that Mr. Hill himself had written nearly one hundred pages on the very same subject in the 1970s. Left incomplete, it turned out to be Mr. Hill’s last manuscript.

After a personal meeting with the late W. Clement Stone, then-president of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Dr. Kimbro was commissioned to update and complete Hill’s original manuscript. Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, the results of Dr. Kimbro and Hill’s efforts, distills the secrets of success contained in the lives of peak performing Black men and women, and reveals how readers can use these keys to make their dreams come true. Dr. Kimbro is now a certified Napoleon Hill Science of Success trainer and leadership coach.

You can hear both dynamic speakers at this event when you register here http://www.bmfeventpage.com


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