PUB HTML5 Launches Brochure Maker Software for the Transition from Print to Digital

“PUB HTML5 Brochure Maker”
People can create beautiful digital brochures with fascinating page turning and animation effects.

PUB HTML5 recommends HTML5 brochure maker to businesses, highlighting the variety of benefits one may achieve by transforming printed brochures to digital. With this HTML5 brochure maker created by PUB HTML5, the processes of publishing, design, and distribution may be integrated to be streamlined. Individuals will have the ability to easily create amazing interactive brochures with the assistance of these free pre-made resources, like themes, templates, flash scenes, background images, etc.

In addition, PUB HTML5 is a PDF to HTML5 flipping book software that permits one to turn a PDF to HTML5 or flipbook with engaging digital page turning effects. It’s an excellent tool for creating eye-appealing and impressive business presentations like business brochures, product catalogs, e-books, magazines, whitepapers, etc.

Creating HTML5 flipbooks is easy. All users have to do is create an account. To manage the online books just launch PUB HTML5 and then click the “Manage Online Books” tab inside the import interface. Users will then enter inside the main page of PUB HTML5. After a user creates an account they are asked to click the “Sign Up” button then the user may begin uploading the PDF file to create the digital page flip book. The entire experience is very user-friendly and there is even a helpful tutorial to guide beginners.

New users are encouraged to try PUB HTML5 free and create their own digital interactive magazines. The site allows users to “try before they buy” so if a user is not happy with their purchase they are not forced into buying.

According to spokesman Jason Chen, CTO (chief technology officer) of PUB HTML5, “the HTML5 brochure maker is everything you need to easily publish captivating publications online and offline. It is an all-in-one digital publishing solution for all businesses, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals.”

About PUB HTML5:

PUB HTML5 software provides users easy-to-use and free tools for all digital publishing needs.  Their software will range from PDF to an HTML5 Flipbook converter over to Digital Publishing Solutions and much more. Their utilities will offer consumers solutions for MAC, PC, iPhone Digital Publishing, iPad, and so much more. All their software possesses a user-friendly interface, is safe to use and easy to install.

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