Luxury Long-Term Villa and Apartment Rentals in Marbella Surge In 2015 According To Nordica Sales & Rentals in Nueva Andalucia

Nordica Sales and Rentals, one of the most established real estate agents in Nueva Andalucia and Marbella, have recorded a surge in the number of letting clients looking to rent luxury villas, penthouses and apartments on a long-term basis.

Blessed with a climate that averages over three hundred days of sunshine a year, an infrastructure of roads, schools, amenities, shops, restaurants, cafes and nightlife that can match the very best destinations worldwide, combined with a Mediterranean lifestyle that is regarded by many as second to none, Marbella, together with the popular area of Nueva Andalucia, have always been one of the destinations of choice for people looking to emigrate from the colder, unhospitable climates of the north of Europe, or at least to spend a large part of the year away.

Located on the southern tip of Spain, there is the unique experience of being able to see the north coast of Africa across the Mediterranean sea, yet at the same time be only a couple of hours flight-time from many of the main European capitals.

There is, in fact, nowhere else in Europe that can match this unique combination of climate, lifestyle, infrastructure and proximity.

The worldwide financial crisis of 2008 regrettably touched Marbella, as it did practically every other location worldwide, with property prices falling and a general reduction in investment, as the banking and financial system seized up.

However, times have changed and many of the European economies, especially the UK and the Scandinavian countries, have returned to growth, the banking system has stabilised and Spain itself is expected to the one of the largest European economies to grow in 2015, with growth estimated at nearly three percent.

Marbella itself has not stood still over these years and all over are signs of a new and dynamic local economy – roads are being rebuilt, trendy new shops and restaurants are opening up and the major fashion houses and brands are all increasing their presence in Marbella, especially in the world famous leisure port of Puerto Banus.

Whilst always a popular holiday resort, even during the recession years, this resurgence has led to a dramatic increase in the number of people who are looking either to create a more long-term presence in Marbella, for several months of the year, or those looking to create a permanent home and set up a business or work for many of the vibrant companies that are establishing themselves in Marbella.

Another popular alternative are families with children who are relocating to Marbella, whilst the bread winner of the family maintains a work presence in their country of origin. With an abundance of excellent international schools children can benefit from a world class education and lifestyle, yet the short distance to the major European capitals allows the breadwinner to commute back and forth as and when the need arrives. Indeed world class mobile and internet communications means that many can work from home.

Letting or renting an apartment, penthouse or villa long-term is a one of the most risk free ways to ensure that a person can be confident that he or she has chosen to buy the right property for themselves or their family. By gathering an intimate knowledge and feel of the property and its location, when the time comes to commit to the purchase of a home, a buyer will have a far better idea of the type of property that they are looking for.

There is also the opportunity to negotiate with the owner a rental with the option to buy with deduction of any rentals paid. By fixing the sales price of the property beforehand, together with the terms and amount of the rental, should the tenant decide to purchase the property at the end of the term, any amounts paid towards the rental could then be deducted from the final selling price.

By opting to purchase the property the tenancy would effectively have been rent-free.

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