Boosteria helps you rank up in League of Legends in no time!

United Kingdom – 05 June, 2015 – League of Legends is one of the most popular MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game) on the market right now. With millions of players and a ranked system that only the best of the best can ace it becomes hard for even the best in the game. Boosteria wants to address this issue and offer boosting services to players who hit a ceiling in ranked play. Their services can boost the ranking of any player for a small fee for a minimum of 5 wins.

Elo boost by Boosteria has become one of the most popular League of Legends Boosting services in the world. Boosteria’s services are available in 4 servers – Europe West, Europe East, North America and Turkey. They can boost ranks all the way from Bronze Level 5 to Diamond Level 1 and help you reach the Master and Challenger leagues. The efficient ordering system ensures Boosteria assigns a booster who gets working on the client’s League of Legends account in less than 6 hours.

Their website offers detailed information about their boosting services.

A spokesperson said “We have also introduced a Duo Boost system which doesn’t take the fun away from the game and you can continue using your account along with your Booster”. The Boosters employed by Boosteria are top tier players from the Diamond, Master and Challenger leagues. They are very versatile players who can take over the role of all kinds like AP MID, AD Carry, Jungle, Support and more. 

The spokesperson added “We have introduced a loyalty program that allows clients to earn reward points which can be used to discount future purchases, get extra coaching hours and use them to unlock unique guides which require special access. We have also introduced a referral program through which anyone who is referred can receive a 5% discount on his first purchase and both the referrer and the referee get 100 BP.” For an Elo Boosting Demonstration, visit where people can look at what a personal area would like and can chat with a test booster for detailed information.

Many people have safety concerns regarding the transfer of login information to unknown people for boosting. The spokesperson explained “We work hard to make out service better than others and accounts getting stolen will only lead to the entire service shutting down. We provide all necessary tools to ensure you can track your progress and are completely satisfied when the Boosting is done.”

Boosteria results can be viewed by visiting which displays a detailed portfolio and the achievements of the Boosters employed by them.Boosteria is very transparent in nature and sticks to the client’s requests, they will use whatever champions the client suggests by informing names of 4 champions for each lane.Boosteria stays in touch with the clients throughout the process and an order may take anything between 1-28 days depending on the current rank and desired rank.Boosteria does not offer Master League boosts because Riot Games monitors all Master League accounts manually and they do not take up Master League contracts for the customer’s safety.

Boosteria’s business model is extremely customer oriented. They have secure payment portals like Paypal, PaySafeCard, iDeal and all major debit and credit cards.

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Company Name: Boosteria
Contact Person: Michael Kingsman
Phone: 020 74461381
Address:9 Osborn Street
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Country: United Kingdom