Unofficial Salesforce Manual Demystifies Leads, Contacts and Accounts for New Users

David Giller, Founder and CEO of Brainiate, is pleased to announce the release of his first book, titled “Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts for Beginners.”

This book will enable Sales, Marketing and Services professionals who are new Salesforce CRM users make more money by:

• helping professionals to work more efficiently, quickly finding and following on on their clients and prospects in Salesforce;
• ensuring that customers, vendors and even competitors are not “lost” in the Salesforce database;
• increasing knowledge and expertise in Salesforce, making professionals more marketable in today’s competitive job market.

In this book, Sales, Marketing and Services professionals will learn how to:

• import leads, prospects, customers, competitors, vendors into Salesforce;
• assign individual and company records to particular members of the Sales or Marketing team;
• find Salesforce leads, contacts and accounts with minimal clicks;
• edit and update Salesforce records;
• clone and delete Salesforce leads, contacts and accounts;
• eliminate duplicate records using Salesforce merge functionality;
• create List Views to easily find those Salesforce records that require the most attention.

“This book is a focused, targeted, no nonsense quick start guide to help new Salesforce users learn just those specific areas that are of interest to them,” commented Mr. Giller. “This new book speaks directly to new Salesforce users, allowing them to learn the core, fundamental functionality they need in order to be effective and efficient in using Salesforce Leads, Contact and Accounts.”

“Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts for Beginners” is now available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle and available for purchase and download at

About Brainiate

Brainiate is a Salesforce Partner, providing implementation, configuration and training support to organizations. The Brainiate team helps companies unleash the power of Salesforce to streamline, simplify and automate business processes by:

• providing Salesforce edition recommendations;
• understanding data and processes;
• configuring Salesforce to meet organizational needs;
• migrating data into Salesforce;
• establishing and updating data sharing rules;
• implementing automation workflows;
• creating reports and dashboards;
• configuring third party applications;
• delivering Salesforce training (both remote and onsite);
• providing ongoing best practices;
• assist with ongoing customizations;
• delivering exceptional benefits.

About David Giller

David Giller is an attorney, trained in Six Sigma, certified as a Salesforce Administrator and was previously on the Salesforce team at GE Capital.

At GE Capital, David managed Salesforce related customizations, integrations, third party applications and training across Sales and Marketing including lead and contact management, pipeline reporting, marketing automation, campaign management, NPS surveys and more. David currently coaches organizations how to streamline their business processes & introduce efficiencies by eliminating redundant, time consuming steps on the Salesforce platform.

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