Laying the foundation to a healthy mind and body: Tips for Kitchen Vastu by Baba Shukla of Buildtech Engineers

Food being the main source of energy for the physical body, kitchen,where you cook your everyday food is themost important place in your house. Here are Tips on Vastu for Kitchen by Baba Shukla of Buildtech Engineers. Baba Shukla says, the kitchen location as well as design of the kitchen contributes greatly to the sustaining of a healthy mind and body.

“Ideally the kitchen should be located in South East direction which according to Vastu Shastra, is the direction of Lord Agni (Fire God) also known as the Agneya Disha,” says Baba Shukla. This is the regular practice Buildtech Engineers follows in their constructions.  When you are planning to design your kitchen apart from its location you need to consider many factors such as placement of cooking range, refrigerator, dining, sink, etc.  “If that direction is not available, you can opt for the North-West direction, though it is considered average as compared to the South East. The gas or stove should be placed in south-east direction of the kitchen so that the cook may face east direction while cooking,” continues Baba Shukla.

East side brings prosperity so east quadrant is considered an excellent location for the kitchen. South-east is the best direction for the kitchen. North quadrant is alternative but average option with north-west as the direction of the kitchen. If you are having diagonal plot then you should avoid north quadrant which has ill effects on your wife, mother, or female members in the house. West quadrant gives average results for kitchen. The kitchen should not be placed under or above Pooja Room, Toilet or Bed Room.

Location for Kitchen according to VastuShastra


Kitchen Layout according to Vastu Shastra

Baba Shukla talks about few vital points that need to be considered while setting the kitchen and if possible during construction.

The directions of various items in the kitchen:

The Entrance: East, North or West any of these are good direction for the entrance of kitchen. But make sure that the door should not be in any of the corners.

Cooking Gas: South-East corner is the best for the cooking gas. Keep it a few inches away from the wall. It should not be in front of the main door of the kitchen. Gas stove or any other cooking material should be placed in such a way as allows the cook to face only towards the East direction while cooking. Cooking gas should not be in front of main door of the kitchen.

West direction may lead to the health problems for the lady who faces towards the west while cooking. Facing the south while cooking on may lead to financial problems in the family. Also avoid placing any shelf above the cooking gas.

Dining in Kitchen: The dining table should be placed in north-west corner of the room. The food should never be served at the dining table placed in the center of the kitchen. One should only face towards east or north while taking food for good digestion.

Gas Cylinder: South-east is the perfect corner for the gas cylinder. Empty cylinder can be placed in south-west direction.

Refrigerator: South-East, south, west or north any of the direction is suitable for refrigerator. But it should not be in north-east direction. If it is in south-west direction, it should be a feet away from corner otherwise it always gets out of order.

Electric Equipments: electric equipments like oven, micro-wave ovens, etc should be placed in south-east or south side of the kitchen. It should never be kept in north-east portion.

Sink:  Wash basin or sink should be in north-east corner as far as possible.

Storage: the storage racks should be made on southern or western wall. Essential commodities like boxes of grain, spices, pulses, etc. should be in south or west direction. The water source including pitcher, water filter, etc. may be kept in north-east direction.

Windows: there should be one or two windows or air holes in the east direction of the kitchen. An exhaust fan in the East is good.

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