What Udacity Has Done For Web Developers, Thrive15.com is Doing for Entrepreneurs

“”As an entrepreneur, you often feel like you are on an island on your own navigating through your business, hoping you are doing the right thing.” – Thrive15.com Founder, Clay Clark”
Thrive15.com Creates an Online Community for Entrepreneurs to Start or Grow Their Business

Tulsa, OK – June 8, 2015 – Thrive15.com has created an online community for entrepreneurs to share advice, create partnerships, and to find a sense of community with other like-minded business owners. Along with learning from world-class millionaire mentors and everyday success stories in 20 areas of business, Thrivers can lean on each other for ideas and business tips. Thrive15.com aims to be that online resource for entrepreneurs similar to what Udacity has done for web developers.

“As an entrepreneur, you often feel like you are on an island on your own navigating through your business, hoping you are doing the right thing. Thrive15.com offers a support system with access to world-class mentors and a community of Thrivers who are also trying to start or grow their business,” says Thrive15.com Founder, Clay Clark.

A community of like-minded individuals supports and encourages entrepreneurs to accomplish more as business owners and community leaders. According to EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, 70% say they are thinking bigger and setting higher company growth goals because they have a community to support them. With increased confidence and momentum, many strive for annual growth upwards of 200%.

Thrive15.com has created a community of goal-oriented entrepreneurs looking to achieve their financial dreams, while laughing and learning along the way. Thrive15.com launched out of beta in February of 2015 after nearly three years of development. The website provides engaging 15-minute online courses taught by millionaire mentors and everyday entrepreneurial success stories. The mentors include success stories such as NBA Hall of Famer turned successful entrepreneur, David Robinson, the former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World Resort, Lee Cockerell, the funding expert and the co-founder of Guidant Financial, David Nilssen, the New York Times bestselling author and publicist of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, P. Diddy, Charlton Heston and countless celebrities, Michael Levine and countless experts.

Thrive15.com subscribers can self-evaluate themselves on the 20 core areas of business mastery known as the “Wheel of Wealth” and are then encouraged to watch specific trainings based upon how they scored themselves. Thrivers are also free to watch the courses they want as many times as they want to improve their business skills. The practical business courses found within the Thrive15.com website cover topics such as accounting, sales, marketing, business modeling, legal, public relations and other more.

“I don’t know where I would be without Thrive15.com. I have loved connecting with other Thrivers and learned so much from the mentors. After nine months of using the training methods taught on Thrive15.com, my business has tripled in revenue,” says Barbee Cookies Founder and Thriver, Kat Graham.

As a result of the Thrive15.com platform, Thrivers are able to meet in person with Thrivers from all over the world at the annual conference and exchange ideas online.

Quick Facts Thrive15:

  • Thrive15.com provides 15-minute practical online business courses taught by millionaires, mentors, and everyday entrepreneurial success stories.
  • Thrive15.com features many celebrity mentors including:

    ° David Robinson, NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player and founder of Carver Academy charter schools and Admiral Capital Group, which currently has a valuation of over $250 million;

    ° Lee Cockerell, the Former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World Resort who once managed 40,000 + employees;

    ° Michael Levine, the founder of Levine Communications who has been the publicist of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, P. Diddy, Charlton Heston, Cameron Diaz, and countless other celebrities;

    ° David Nilssen, the co-founder of one of the nation’s largest small business funding solutions, Guidant Financial and; Jonathan Barnett, the founder of the 400 + OXI Fresh franchises.

  • Thrive15.com has teamed up David Robinson and the U.S. Chamber’s, “Hiring Our Heroes Program,” to provide free subscriptions to U.S. military families as part of the 1 for 1 HandUp Movement.
  • Thrive15.com has been mentioned in Forbes, Pando Daily, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and numerous media outlets since launching.
  • Thrive15.com offers best practice and practical online education in the core areas of business mastery that every entrepreneur must know including: legal, real estate, investing, execution, purpose, mindset, networking, business modeling, overcoming adversity, capital, branding, marketing, sales, customer service, product/service development, quality control, accounting, management, human resources, and leadership.
  • Thrive15.com was founded by Chief Operating Officer and Oklahoma’s former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark.
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Thrive15.com is doctor, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, Doctor Robert Zoellner.
  • Thrive15.com offers points instead of grades and gives its users a chance to win a business boost package to the Thriver with the most points.
  • Thrive15.com’s content is created by combining entertainment, gamification, and best-practice practical business education to increase the retention of training provided on the platform. 

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