The iBOSS Pitch Perfect Show for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups Has Launched with Their the First Episode Highlighting Three Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups

The Pitch Perfect Show provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups to practice their business pitches in front of industry professionals and a camera. The show allows participants an opportunity to gauge the reaction of business professionals as they tell their story. But the exposure isn’t limited to the day of the pitch, as all of the pitches are recorded and streamed on-line. After the show, the video footage is made available in multiple platforms including YouTube, Public Access Television, and direct marketing channels of participants.

The first episode allowed participants, sponsors, judges and the audience the opportunity to hear new ideas and share wisdom and advice.

The first episode of the IBOSS Pitch Perfect Show is available to be viewed at

This episode features three entrepreneurs/business start-ups including:

Fernando Suarez, the CEO & Founder of the Bodega Food Distribution Center, discusses his business idea of a new food distribution center that will allow for greater retail success for his potential clients.

His short introductory video can be found at

Marc Stoecker, the Founder & CEO of the Difference Maker, discusses his business idea of advocating for non-profit and charities through internet video shows, educational events, and training.

His short introductory video can be found at

Tia Young, a Managing Partner of the Sage Solutions GTM, LLC, discusses her business, which helps individuals, and businesses generate video segments for distribution in traditional television markets and current digital venues.

Her short introductory video can be found at

To enhance the interactive nature of the show, members of the public can rank their favourite pitches at

The combined scores of the judges and the audience ranking will determine who wins the Pitch Purse each episode. The Pitch Purse winners will be announced on the Pitch Perfect.

Show page at

The contents of the Pitch Purse will vary each episode but will be announced during each episode.

The Pitch Perfect Show is an extension of the work that iBOSS CAB has been doing through workshops and events.

“If you are seeking funding, Lorette is the lady to whom you want to speak. She knows the “ropes” to the capital world from loans to angel investors to crowdfunding she can guide you to your needed funds.” — Dr. Rob Adams, CEO Space International

Attendees at previous iBOSS CAB events have said, “I didn’t realize how in-depth a business plan is” and, “What strikes me the most was the quality of the talent and the information.”

More testimonials can be found at

About iBOSS, Inc.

iBOSS, Inc. is a company focused on helping to empower entrepreneurs in the process of self-directed capital raising campaigns. The company includes Lorette Farris Business Strategist & CEO, and Cory Wilburn Implementation Specialist & CTO.

The IBOSS Pitch Perfect Show is an ongoing event that is still accepting registrations for upcoming episodes.

For more information or to register, please go to

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