The Staff of Tzaddi – An epic fantasy tale of love & vengeance

Fantasy, a mystical journey to the lands of magical powers, dark forces, love and hatred. It’s that genre of writing which isn’t age specific. Anyone, regardless of gender, age & region will love to visit & experience the magic of imagination through the tales of this fantasy world. For all such fantasy novel lovers, author T.N Newborn has brought, “The Staff of Tzaddi”, an epic fantasy tale of love, vengeance & a tussle between good & evil.

The tale is of the Great land of Tau. Prince Teiwaz Zayin, the future king of the Dark Dwellers, has had only one aim in his life since the untimely demise of his mother, Revenge. He has been living with the ever rising feeling of retribution in his heart. Sowelu Kano is the first Light Dweller he has ever seen & feelings start taking a new route in his heart.

Meanwhile, a secret menace is rising aiming to use the Staff of Tzaddi to destroy the world. Teiwaz & Sowelu have now taken up the quest to protect the staff from falling into wrong hands. Their love blossoms in midst of centuries of hatred. Will they be able to save the world? The answer will be revealed only when you finish reading the book.

Newborn has made a spell binding use of words to take the readers through a journey of shock & awe. The characters are strongly presented & the presentation of the fantasy world of Tau makes the reader feel as if they are in that land. The story has all the essential elements required to make it a gripping tale. The magic is not only a part of the story but also in the words & the presentation which makes the reader want to never put the book down.

T.N Newborn, hailing from Alabama, with her love for epic fantasy & science fiction has presented this book as a perfect gift for fantasy novel lovers worldwide. 

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