PUB HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Is Integrated with New Payment Method – PayPal

The latest update of the revolutionary PUB HTML5 digital magazine software enables PayPal payment integration with the publications created through the platform. This allows designers to include a wide range of PayPal options for their magazines and product catalogs.

PayPal has been ranked as the number one secured online payment method for many years. Thus, integrating PayPal payment option or other PayPal options are factors that definitely will convert readers with a potential into buyers. Because, readers do not hesitate to make online payments through a trusted medium such as PayPal.

With a complete understanding of this fact, the leading digital magazine software, PUB HTML5 has made possible to design the PayPal Buy button, PayPal Price, PayPal Discount or PayPal Star and add the image of a PayPal Product in online publications. Platinum and Enterprise users are granted the opportunity to customize these eCommerce objects through the Animation Editor. This feature offers a better angle to the paid customers of the platform to express the individuality of the company or product over the publishers using the free service.

This innovative feature, which is immensely helpful for e-magazine sellers, allows producing a free trial e-magazine with less than 10 pages in the attractive page flipping style. They should add a checkout aisle within the free trial edition for those who desire to continue the reading.

The company’s viewpoint on this eCommerce feature was delivered by the Chief Technology Officer of PUB HTML5, Jason Chen as, “PUB HTML5 digital magazine software is all about creating a use-friendly platform for online publishers to create highly interactive e-magazines, product catalogs and brochures fast. We also try to help them increase their revenues exponentially through impressive digital marketing. The new feature allows publishers to incorporate a PayPal button and a number of PayPal related options in their beautiful e-publications. We believe that this feature will attract more readers to digital magazines or product catalogs and increase the number of publishers who use PUB HTML5 digital magazine software for their creations.”

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