Your small contribution can help bring a big smile to these children in Mexico

Childhood is the best time of our life. We play, laugh, learn & live life innocently & carelessly. But not every kid has the privilege to this life. The children living in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico have no adult supervision strive for self survival on every corner. Ed Hudson & a team of other volunteers, who are working through a church, LA FUENTE RIVIERA, are making efforts to bring some light to their otherwise scarred childhood & for one such noble cause, they have started a crowd funding campaign.

These volunteers are from Washington, now moved to Mexico. Working through a church, they intend to bring some hope & joy in the lives of the kids of Riviera Nayarit. Ed picks up a group of 20-40 kids & takes them to Santa Fe for Christian community where they are encouraged & fed in an effort to fulfill their physical, mental & emotional appetite. They kids are with very little or without adult supervision. Being left like that & in absence of proper care, love & guidance, these kids aspire either to be taco makers, Chiclets vendors or housekeepers, prostitutes & drug careers, depending on how pretty they look.

But these Washingtonian volunteers have taken up the task of improving their lives in any manner they can. They take these kids to attend activities, bible lessons & breakfast sessions twice a week to bring some joy in their lives & to guide them onto a right path.

But due to lack of funds, they have to take these 30-40 kids cramped in an old 19 passenger van. It is not safe & healthy for these kids. So they have started a crowd funding campaign to raise funds & help for purchasing/donating a new, bigger bus for them. They currently have three such missions which need such transportation.

You can join their campaign & help their cause.

To get more information & contribute visit or you can simply donate through the tax deductible site by marking payment for the La Fuente Bus fund from the link

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Company Name: La Fuente Ministries
Contact Person: Ed Hudson
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