Christian Life Coach Highlights Powerful Lessons That Can Be Learned from the Duggar Family Scandal

Dr. Trevicia Williams Outlines Three Steps to Overcoming Deviant Behavior

DALLAS, Texas – Just days after the Duggar family interviewed with major media outlets in hopes of quelling a public firestorm, Dr. Trevicia Williams is offering powerful lessons that can be learned from Josh Duggar, his past behavior and his journey to overcome it.

“When dealing with circumstances such as this one, it’s important to acknowledge the negative behavior, take steps to amend it and rely on the power of forgiveness in order to heal and move forward. Forgiveness is one of the most underutilized powers human beings have,” said Dr. Trevicia Williams, life coach and human behavior expert. “Even in Christian families, sometimes good people do unthinkable things. But teens who have faltered can still be redeemed by working vigorously on their moral development.”

Dr. Williams, founder of Real Beauty Inside Out: Healthy Relationships, regularly works with parents and teens to help them establish strong, healthy relationships and develop strong morals and character. She emphasizes in her parenting trainings that teens deal with moral dilemmas daily, from considering experimenting with drugs and alcohol to engaging in sex and other high risk behaviors.

According to Dr. Williams, the moral development of a teen is different from that of an adult. She says that through effective communication and by investing in their teen’s moral development, parents can help combat deviant behavior and help their teens make better decisions. She also credits faith and religion in helping both teens and parents to deal with the complex spectrum of issues faced during adolescence and beyond.

“Christians aren’t perfect, but God’s love is,” said Dr. Williams. “One of the most key lessons that can be drawn from this ordeal is that even in the face of the unimaginable, the Duggar family’s faith has remained unwavering. That’s a valuable testimony that Christian families can learn from.”

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