#EndBullying PSA Produced by Leana Greene Goes Viral

Leana Greene, CEO of Kids In The House, was heartbroken when she learned that 4,600 teenage lives are lost each year to suicide and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day to avoid being bullied. So to combat this important issue, Greene produced a national campaign to #EndBullying with a viral video that has reached over one million views on YouTube as well as been shared on Facebook and the kidsinthehouse.com platform.

“I had been continually asking myself: why are so many negative comments posted online every day, and how are kids affected by seeing all this negativity?” says Leana Greene. “How do you explain to your child the importance of being kind online, when it’s hard to find even one YouTube video without a negative comment?”

The #EndBullying PSA shows Los Angeles children sharing their stories of being bullied and encouraging kids and adults around the country to end bullying together. Greene also interviewed top experts on the issue of bullying to share with parents the emotional and psychological effects of bullying.

“As a mom of three children, my hardest interview was with Tina Meier who lost her daughter to cyberbullying. Tina’s daughter killed herself while her mom was downstairs in the kitchen,” says Greene.

To see Tina’s full story, click here.

“The experts on this topic shed light on why bullying happens and how we as a community can prevent it. I felt this inner need and desire to share this information with everyone and knew this video would make a big impact.”

The video did indeed make a big impact as Beyoncé Knowles shared her personal admiration for the bravery and courage of the kids and quickly posted the video on her Facebook. Other celebrity supporters included Brooke Burke and Survivor host Jeff Probst who shared the voices of these children and experts with their fans.

“It’s an honor to receive support from such influential individuals,” says Greene. “I think it’s a great indication of how important this issue is and how the aim to end bullying is a worldwide action we need to engage in together.”

To watch and share the video with your family and friends, click here.

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