Tenura and AmeriPro Home Loans Develop Leaders

The Blessing and Burden of Leadership

Tulsa, Oklahoma – June 9, 2015 – Tenura and AmeriPro Home Loans are dedicated to developing quality leadership with their team members. The blessing and burden of leadership is the responsibility for every person they lead. AmeriPro Home Loans has a culture of hiring great people and leading them effectively. Effective leadership includes knowing how people in the organization are performing and holding them accountable for their performance.

Below are 5 tips to identify key players in your organization that will lead you to success:

1) Strong players – Identify players that are operating at a high level within the organization. This includes every level in the organization. Look for employees that get results, exceed their metrics, have a positive attitude, are customer focused, and live out the mission daily.

2) Weak players – Identify players that are not performing where they should be. These are individuals that are not consistently hitting their objectives. They only do what they have to in order to get by and lack drive or passion.

3) Key players – Identify players that are in a vital or crucial role. This could be a strong player that is critical to your success. This is someone who is hard to replace given his or her role, knowledge, or experience.

4) Performance issues – Identify anyone who is on a performance improvement plan.

5) Stack rankings – Stack rank each employee in each position in the organization and review it quarterly.

Knowing the organization is critical. The leader’s responsibility is to ensure individuals are not only technically competent, but also fit in the culture, are honest, dedicated, and work hard. This will build a strong and valuable company.  

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