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The Halo Triton remains the product of choice for many and it’s easy to see why by the review, reports ECigRatings.com

According to Statistic Brain, 2.5 million Americans now make use of electronic cigarettes, and 31 percent of individuals that tried e cigarettes gave up smoking with six months of doing so. With many electronic devices to select from, one may be confused as to which product best meets their needs. E-Cig Ratings and Reviews regularly publishes new e-cig reviews to help consumers make this selection process easier.

“With new products arriving on the market every day, consumers may find it easier to stick with tobacco cigarettes as they know what they are purchasing. Unfortunately, as more places ban the use of tobacco products, individuals find they need alternatives. This is when they turn to electronic cigarettes, and the reviews found on the site allow them to choose the device which best meets their needs,” Brian Foegler, spokesperson for E-Cig Ratings and Reviews, announces. 

The Halo Triton is one product which many consumers are interested in purchasing. Halo electronic cigarettes continue to have a great reputation, yet some consumers find they are disappointed when they do buy the products, as they don’t live up to their expectations. Reading reviews of various products offered through the company helps to prevent this from taking place.

“When one purchases the Triton, care must be taken, as the starter kits only come with a 400 or 650 mAh battery. Many individuals find the 400 mAh battery doesn’t meet their needs, as it doesn’t last all day. Even those who choose to purchase the 650 mAh battery may find it lacking, especially those who use the device with great frequency. For this reason, after reading the review, the majority of consumers opt to upgrade to either the 900 variable volt or 1300 mAh battery,” Foegler explains.

The Halo Triton remains a great choice, however, thanks to the liquids used in the device. Individuals find the company has put a great deal of thought into the product, storing the liquid in a dark blue bottle, and this helps to ensure the liquid remains fresh even when exposed to sunlight. The packing is very nice, and each bottle comes with a batch number to ensure quality. Features such as this help Halo stand out in a crowded field.

“Be sure to order the Tribecca liquid, as it offers a nice blend of tobacco and caramel flavoring. Menthol smokers will appreciate the Kringle’s Curse with its touch of peppermint, and those new to vaping may wish to order a sampler to test the different offerings. Individuals who do so find Halo is the company for them, thanks to the quality and consistency of the products,” Foegler declares.

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