Electric Scooter Launches a Revolution on Transportation

Since ancient times, technological power has been a key element in revolution. Up to date, a brand new transportation revolution has surfaced, which starts with the emergence of electric intelligent scooters.

Unlike leopards, human can’t run very fast or hit a speed of 113 miles per hour. However, we invented trains, cars and planes to grant ourselves more competence with the help of technology, trying to upgrade to our ultimate limits. Up to date, a brand new transportation revolution has surfaced, which starts with the emergence of electric intelligent scooters.

Electric unicycle, multi-functional and yet low-carbon, is an intelligent portable transporter which has just become a hit among a minority of people. It maintains the balance by gyroscope and acceleration sensor. When any vehicle leaning is detected by the sensor that is used for measuring angle of inclination, the built-in intelligent chip will command the system generate a torque accordingly and control the wheel to move towards the direction in which the vehicle is falling so that the scooter can be balanced. To be honest, it is all about such a simple principle of mobile equilibrium. Nevertheless, it took the core team of Airwheel Company, the manufacturer for the scooter, about five years to make it actually happen. 

“As a matter of fact, the technical barrier of this industry is not that high. It is not because we were not technically competent enough but because we hoped to provide a top-quality scooter with high cost performance for customers that we spent so much time on research and development,” said Zuo Guogang, the founder of Airwheel electric scooter in a recent interview. 

In fact, Zuo’s point of view has been well recognized by other industry peers. Some brands have made some compromise on their product price which used to be surprisingly high. According to some statistical reports, it is predicted that the scooters will become truly affordable for mass market and get to be a prevalent vehicle of transportation in our daily life.

Reportedly, the core R&D team of Airwheel is still focused on creating safer electric intelligent scooters with higher quality by unleashing the power of innovation and making constant technological breakthroughs. It is their hope that there can be such a vehicle to improve people’s traveling methods, bring safety as well as convenience to life and more importantly, contribute to a low-carbon urban lifestyle by employing clean energy. 

The revolution on transportation, however, is a stretch. The appearance of intelligent scooters by Airwheel Company is merely a beginning of it. As for the following strategies and future, it requires our joint efforts and action to work it out.

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