Airwheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter Ensures Green Travel

On May 11, 1901, the first traffic fine was issued as an alarm for people to remind them of safety concern. Airwheel scooter is designed on a people-oriented basis so as to holistically ensure the rider’s safety and allow them to go green travelling.

What is special about May 11? It is not a sign of a following three-day holiday but an ordinary day. Nor is it a significant festival. Plain as the date is, it is still worth remembering. On the same day years ago, the first traffic fine worldwide was issued, marking the beginning of traffic safety awareness.

On May 11, 1901, a member of American Auto Club was fined for speeding in Morristown, New Jersey. From then on, traffic laws officially became a part of the society rules while sense of traffic safety took root in everyone’s mind. Therefore, this year, on the same day, Airwheel Company calls on everybody to cherish their life and be careful about driving by advocating on Airwheel electric unicycle use. 

As we all know, traffic safety is of vital importance. It is reported that traffic accidents take away a great number of lives every year. We can always see so many families broken by car accidents on TV programs. People are wailing and crying for their beloved loss but the dead can never come back. After all, we have only one lifetime. Thus, everyone shall show concern over traffic safety and avoid reckless driving. 

Airwheel Company always votes for safe travelling. The exclusive intelligent chip inside the electric scooter, adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, can not only achieve self-balance in the forward and backward direction, but also provide speed limit protection for users by controlling the speed within the safety range. Once the user rides over the limited speed, the system will automatically trigger the buzzing alarm. When the speed hit the highest limited level, the intelligent system will restrict it and forbid further speeding up. In this way, the rider’s safety will be fully guaranteed on normal occasions.

Apart from the function of limiting speed, Airwheel self-balancing scooter is also able to provide a series of protection measures such as low power protection, side-leaning protection, audio cues, charging protection and battery protection. Besides, Airwheel Company has partnered with Pingan Insurance Company and received international certifications like CE, RoHS, un38.3 and MSDS, always committing themselves to bringing riders the most comprehensive and safest products.   

Traffic fine is not supposed to be the end purpose but a reminder of people to pay attention to traffic safety any time. Keep May 11 in mind while bearing your traffic safety in heart. To enjoy a safe and green trip back home, you need to have an Airwheel scooter first. 

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