Airwheel single wheel scooter–Best Transporter for Short Trip ever

Apple is going to enter the electric car industry! The environmental industry has increasingly aroused attention from the public. As one of the leading pioneers in this industry, Airwheel is devoted to promoting green travel by launching the magnificent and low-carbon electric intelligent scooter.

It is reported on the Internet that Malchow, head of Fiat Chrysler met with the persons-in-charge of Telsa and Apple recently. According to the cyber news, Apple wants to develop their own electric cars and even automatic driving cars, intending to step into auto industry.   

As people pay increasing attention to the environmental problems, green transporters have a growing popularity among the public. With Apple stepping into the industry, the electric cars will definitely become the main transporter for long-distance journey. In terms of short trips, the Airwheel electric scooters equipped with the same lithium cell as Telsa’s will lead the market eventually.

Airwheel has been constantly devoted to developing transporters of new types. The self-balancing scooter, portable as well as safe, is entirely powered by electricity with zero gas emission, which is suitable for short trips to work or school. It consumes only one kilowatt of electricity for going 100 miles. Apart from that, the scooter can also serve as a daily recreation. When you are back from work, instead of working out at the gym, you can just grab your scooter and head over to the park to burn off some extra energy and let go of your tiredness. 

The Airwheel electric scooters achieve self-balance in the forward and backward direction by adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. The riders can go forward, speed up or brake by simply tilting forward or backward. To turn left or right, you can twist around your body horizontally. The vehicle turns out to be a safe and super-handy green transporter of the new era which is also easy to learn and convenient to operate. It only takes five minutes for a tyro to get the hang of the scooter.

Brand determines quality. Airwheel has a series of extremely strict criteria on every material of the scooters. The Airwheel intelligent scooter is mounted with Sony lithium-ion batteries, high-end tires, cover made of nanometer materials and ultra-silent magnetic levitation motor. Every part of it is delicately selected and installed. When it comes to transportation, safety always matters most. It is Airwheel Company’s belief that only with best materials can the best and safest electric unicycles be provided for users. 

Sometimes, intelligent technology is only one vehicle away. When you have time, just ride on your Airwheel electric scooters to travel through the city and have a taste of the charm of advanced technology.

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