Dubai Radio Station Broadcasts Airwheel Intelligent self-balancing scooters and Elaborates on Fashionable Low-Carbon Commuting Ways

Recently, Airwheel has the privilege to stage its performance in a high-end radio interview program–Eye 103.8 in the prosperous country Dubai. It is a definite recognition of Airwheel company‚Äôs continuous efforts in producing green commuting vehicles, and also an acknowledgment of the Airwheel spiritual value.

In respect of Dubai, you might relate it to a kingdom of tycoons. There are many famous anecdotes about the country on the Internet. But how much do you know about Dubai Aye 103.8? It is a local high-end radio station, focusing mainly on financial industry, political affairs, entertainment events and some special interviews. Recently, Airwheel electric unicycle is honored to show up in the radio station. It is a triumph of green commuting vehicles coming into spotlight and it is also something to be congratulated and celebrated.

The broadcast aimed at calling for low-carbon and green way of commuting. In recommending commuting vehicles, the program mentioned fashion-setting Airwheel electric scooter and its frequent occurrence on the streets. It referred to such an intelligent commuting device as epochal and perfect for the young generation to ride. Airwheel intelligent balancing scooter extricates people from traffic jam, while maybe the Dubai tycoons are wealthy enough to be free of such worries. 

For a long time, Airwheel electric balancing scooter sticks to the strategy of completing domestic mission and reaching out to the world. After occupying domestic market, it is now advancing to the outside world step by step. This also wins Airwheel company a roaring reputation worldwide. Thus, this time, in the broadcast about intelligent and low-carbon commuting vehicles on Eye103.8, Airwheel electric balancing scooter is firmly acclaimed, which is a recognition of Airwheel company’s continuous efforts in promoting green commuting ways and also an acknowledgment of its products and spiritual value.

This simple broadcast about Airwheel is a significant symbol of Airwheel company getting mature and accepted by people all around the world. Airwheel, as a brand of producing commuting vehicles for transport and recreation, brings a healthy and quality lifestyle. But, by stating this, we do not have the intention to label any lifestyle as good or bad. Neither do we insist on forcibly recommending the device to anyone. We just hope to inspire people’s passion for life and make people dream about future by delivering them high-tech products in the new era. 

A so-called qualified product should make people lead a wise life and has better experience about everything. A responsible brand should do its best to realize such an experience and benefit the society. This is exactly what Airwheel company is doing now. 

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing balancing scooter, as an intelligent, fashionable, and green commuting vehicle, attempts to get its fame spread to more places and bring more people quality life.

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